How To Deal With Sore Breasts After Surgery

breast enhancement surgeryIf you have scheduled to get breast enhancement surgery done by Dr. York Yates or if you have recently undergone this type of surgery, it’s important to understand how to properly care for yourself and your body afterwards— especially if you are dealing with sore breasts. From learning to gently massage your breasts to avoiding any sort of strenuous activity, this article will discuss ways that you can deal with sore breasts after surgery.

Gentle Massage
Massage is recommended by some surgeons to help prevent capsular contracture.   There is little evidence that it does so and Dr. Yates does not require it except in specific cases.

Sleep In a Bra
Nothing might sound quite as uncomfortable to a woman as having to sleep in a bra. However, during the healing process after your breast enhancement surgery, it’s important that they stay in place all night and day— which means that sleeping in a sports bra at night is going to be your best friend. Remember that the more your breasts move around as they are healing, the more sore they are likely to be. By mobilizing them, however, you can help to cut down on that soreness.

Avoid Strenuous Activities
If you are an avid runner or workout enthusiast, it might sound painful to have to avoid these activities during recovery, but nothing will make your breasts feel quite as sore. By running, jumping, or moving too quickly, you can place a lot of undo stress and pressure on your breasts, which means that they will be sore and uncomfortable afterwards.

If you would like to learn more about different ways that you can take care of your breasts after surgery, contact Dr. York Yates today!

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