Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss Salt Lake City & Layton, Utah

Congratulations on your weight loss!, now its time to get rid of the excess skin. Scars are the necessary trade off for all body contouring procedures after weight loss. These are generally well tolerated and a very acceptable trade off for most weight loss patients.

Tummy tuck after weight loss

After massive weight loss, there are significant challenges including loose skin, stretch marks and possibly surgical scars that can be addressed with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This is usually a little different than the standard tummy tuck operation. The skin on the upper hips extending around to the back is often excessive as well. This often requires a total body lift. Dr. Yates prefers to separate this into two procedures. This is much safer and the abdomen can be tightened much more significantly if done alone. The scar is often longer than a typical tummy tuck and sometimes a vertical midline scar is helpful to tighten the skin horizontally.

Arm lift (brachioplasty) after weight loss

Loose skin on the upper arms can be removed with a brachioplasty. This involves a scar on the inner arm. The quality of this scar is occasionally poor because of arm motion, but well hidden.

Breast lift after weight loss

Breasts lose their volume after weight loss. A mastopexy or breast lift is used to reshape the breasts. Excess skin is removed, the nipple and breast tissue are lifted and reshaped. Many patients desire breast implants to restore lost breast volume as well.

Thigh lift after weight loss

The outer thighs and inner thighs are often loose and droopy after weight loss. The inner thighs are tightened with an inner thigh lift with a scar in the groin crease adjacent to the pubic region. The buttock, outer thighs and posterior thighs can be improved with a posterior thigh lift. The scar is in the bikini line from hip to hip above the buttocks. Many plastic surgeons combine this with a tummy tuck (total body lift). Dr Yates prefers to stage these into separate operations for safety and to optimize the outcome of both.

Facelift after weight loss

The skin of the face often deflates and becomes droopy after weight loss. Many patients, actually look older after weight loss. A facelift removes this excess skin and restores facial soft tissue volume. Sometimes this is combined with fat grafting to add youthful volume to the face.

Combined vs. Staged procedures

The main advantage of combining the procedures is getting things done quickly.

The advantages of staging the procedures is safety and improved results.

In Dr. Yates practice, the costs to the patient of a combined procedure often end up being more than separate procedures because of facility fees. When separated, most of the procedures are done in the office operating suite with no additional facility fees.

For more, read about the advantages of staging procedures.

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