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Can You Go Too Big When It Comes to Breast Augmentation?

Over the past five years or so an interesting phenomenon has become the norm. Women opting for breast augmentation are choosing larger implant sizes than those of just five to 10 years ago. While curvy, voluptuous figures are certainly in the public consciousness these days, there is a question to consider: Is there such a… Read More »

Cool Off with CoolSculpting

It’s already been a hot summer in Utah, record breaking hot! And we’re coming into the hottest part of the year. Ouch. Sounds like it’s a good time to either flag down a passing ice cream truck or come see our team at Dr. Yates for some CoolSculpting.  Your bikini will thank you for choosing… Read More »

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Giving Unwanted Fat the Boot

In January’s first blog we got into some of the basics of liposuction, the insanely popular cosmetic treatment in Utah and across the United States. We discussed some basics and a couple of methods preferred by Dr. Yates.  For this month’s second blog, let’s get into a few more questions about liposuction.  Would liposuction be… Read More »

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Show Unwanted Fat the Door with Liposuction

No matter what kind of shape you’re in, odds are you still have a few pockets where fat has accumulated, and it is incredibly hard to target with exercise or through changes in diet.  Fortunately, “liposuction” was developed in France back in the 1970s to address these pockets of stubborn fat. The procedure came to… Read More »

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Emsculpt Yourself to a Slimmer 2022

We all know squats are a tried-and-true exercise to tone and strengthen leg and buttocks muscle and burn fat. The same can be said of crunches for the abdomen. What if you could do 20,000 squats or crunches in a 30-minute session? Good luck with that. But you can with Emsculpt at Dr. Yates’s practice.… Read More »

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Off Your Shirt, Guys

In Utah, our summers can get pretty toasty, so we’re happy to get water skiing invitations up to Jordanelle or down to Lake Powell and everywhere in between. But some men turn those invitations down because they don’t want others to see them without a shirt. Most people assume the larger breasts are simply due… Read More »

What About Lymphoma and Implants?

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation with Dr. Yates, you’ve likely been doing some research, and you’ve probably come across news about a recall of textured breast implants. Here’s what’s going on.  This issue first came to light in the public on March 21, 2017. That was when the U.S. FDA made a safety announcement… Read More »

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Reasons for Implant Revision

Dr. Yates has many patients come to his Layton practice seeking revision surgery for their augmented breasts. There are various reasons why a patient may seek revision surgery. Here are the main issues to be addressed with these procedures. Changing the implant size Sometimes a patient wishes she had different sized implants. Often the goal… Read More »

CoolMini from CoolSculpting Targets Your Chin

When we think of pockets of stubborn fat, most of us have known areas that we can readily point out. The lower abdomen. The flanks. The thighs.  But what about what’s going on under your chin? Yes, the dreaded double chin. In most people, their double chin is the result of accumulated fat under their… Read More »

Rounder Backsides Are the Thing

It doesn’t seem that long ago when supermodels all seemed to strive to look like heroin addicts. Kate Moss was the poster child, looking as if she existed on a daily diet of two rice cakes and a teaspoon of humus.  Uh, can you say unhealthy and a dumb body image for younger girls and… Read More »

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