Breast Asymmetry Surgery Salt Lake City & Layton, Utah

Uneven or asymmetric breasts are common. In fact, EVERY woman has some asymmetry of their breasts. Often, one breast is larger than the other. It is not uncommon to have one breast which is droopier or of a different shape than the other.

What can be done to treat breasts that are uneven or not the same size?

During breast augmentation or with a breast lift with implants, a larger implant can be placed in the smaller breast. During breast reduction or a breast lift, breast tissue can be removed on the larger side.

What can be done to treat breasts that are not the same shape?

This depends on the exact cause of asymmetry.

For a breast which is droopier than the other, a breast lift can be tailored to the patient. The same goes for uneven nipples. During breast augmentation the breast shape can be modified by the shape of the breast implant and implant pocket position.

Severe tuberous breast deformity reconstruction

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