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Non-Surgical Capsular Contracture treatment in Utah with Z wave

Capsular contracture is one of the most common complications after breast augmentation. Capsular contracture is a process where excess scar tissue forms around, typically, one implant. This results in a breast implant outcome that is firm and often out of position.


It can feel tight, uncomfortable, or even painful. Traditional treatment of capsular contracture is surgical. We offer a new non-surgical option for capsular contracture called the Z wave acoustic sound wave treatment for those suffering from capsular contracture after breast augmentation in Utah.

How does the Z wave work to improve Capsular Contracture?

The Z wave acoustic sound wave treatment by Zimmer uses rapid, deep, and powerful sound waves that travel through the skin and subcutaneous tissue to provide a “shock wave” to the deep scar tissue. With a few treatments, we have seen capsular contracture improve considerably in many patients.

The Technique

The Zimmer Z wave therapy is a completely non-surgical procedure. The procedure is painless, without needles or anesthesia. The Zimmer handpiece is moved around the involved breast and delivers 2,000 – 3,000 shockwave pulses in a single treatment session. The procedure takes approx 10 minutes. Most patients require 4-6 treatments to achieve full effect. We may also prescribe SINGULAIR, Vitamin E, and antibiotics as part of the treatment protocol for some patients.

Who is the best candidate for Z Wave shock wave therapy for Capsular Contracture?

Patients who present with a recent onset of capsular contracture do best with the Z wave. For patients with very old implants ore established contracture, the Z wave is unlikely to improve contracture.

What are the benefits of the Z wave for Capsular Contracture?

Compared to surgical options for capsular contracture the Z wave has many benefits

  • Less expensive
  • Non-surgical
  • No downtime
  • Painless

Will Z wave “cure” Capsular Contracture?

There is a risk of recurrence of capsular contracture after treatment with the Z Wave. Similarly, there is a risk of capsular contracture recurrence after surgical treatment. Long term studies are required to determine the rate of recurrence.

How many treatments are required for Z wave for Capsular Contracture?

4-6 treatments are recommended for capsular contracture treatment.

What are the other uses for the Z wave acoustic sound therapy?

The Z wave by Zimmer is used in some Urologist’s office for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The shockwave treatments are thought to increase the effective blood supply to the penis.

The Z wave is also indicated for cellulite treatment. The results of this treatment in cellulite have been underwhelming. We don’t market this for cellulite to our patients as a result.

The Z wave is also used in our practice as an adjunct to CoolSculpting treatments. It has been shown to improve the results of CoolSculpting treatments by a significant degree. It is a simple addition to the CoolSculpting process, and we wouldn’t recommend CoolSculpting without it.

What are the potential risks and side effects of Z Wave treatment?

These are completely non-invasive treatments. Sound waves are easily tolerated by the human body. There is not any pain. There isn’t any recovery. Despite the Z wave’s ability to break down the scar tissue associated with capsular contracture, there aren’t any negative effects on the body.

Is there a way to minimize the risks of developing Capsular Contracture?

When an artificial object, such as a prosthetic knee or a breast implant, is placed into the human body, the body responds by wrapping the object with scar tissue. This is normal and is called the “capsule.” In most cases, the patient is never even aware of any of this scar tissue. There isn’t any sensation with it and the breasts feel soft and natural. In these cases, the scar tissue capsule remains thin and flexible around the implant.

In approximately 10 percent of breast augmentation cases, the scar tissue tightens around the implant and becomes abnormally thick. This makes the implant feel firm and it can distort the shape if the scar tissue continues to tighten. This is capsular contracture.

This is a complication that can occur with breast augmentation, and it is due to infection. This isn’t the typical infection you associate with inflammation and fever. Instead, this is a microscopic contamination of the implant surface. This is what causes the increased scar tissue development.

The best way to minimize the risk for capsular contracture is choosing a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and board certification, such as Dr. Yates. Dr. Yates understands the issues with contamination and capsular contracture, and he minimizes any possible contamination in implant handling, surgical setting cleanliness, and methods for insertion of the implants. He also advises patients to choose implant sizes that correspond with their natural breast size, as this creates less skin stretching, which is also linked to capsular contracture.

Choosing to have your implants placed under the pectoral muscle rather than atop this muscle is another way to minimize scar tissue development.

Finally, Dr. Yates and our team will show you a series of implant exercises and massage techniques whose goal is to keep the breast pocket around the implant loose and flexible. This reduces the risk of contracture.

How much does the Z wave cost for Capsular Contracture or CoolSculpting?

In our Utah office, the cost of a Z wave treatment is very affordable. Our fee is only $200 per treatment with a series of 4-6 treatments necessary for most patients. We also have a “no risk” guarantee. If the Z wave does not result in the improvement of capsular contracture and surgical treatment is necessary, we will apply what was spent on the Z wave to the surgical procedure.

Is there anything that needs to be done after a Z wave treatment?

There isn’t anything necessary after a Z wave treatment. You can return to your normal activities immediately after you leave our Layton office.

Is there any preparation necessary before a Z wave treatment?

Specific preparation isn’t necessary. The only thing you will need to do at home is to occasionally perform the exercises and massage techniques we provide, as these help to keep the breast pocket pliable and soft.

What are some early signs that I have Capsular Contracture around an implant?

In women who develop capsular contracture, about three quarters of cases occur within two years of implant placement. The early signs a patient can start to notice include a tight or firm sensation. There can be some pain and you may notice asymmetry between your breasts. A tingling sensation can be felt around the implants.

As the scar tissue thickens, these more obvious symptoms may occur:

  • Breast pain
  • Asymmetry
  • Firmness
  • Tightness
  • Round or ball-shaped breast
  • High-riding breast
  • Misshapen breast

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