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Plastic surgery to lift sagging breasts is called mastopexy, or breast lift.

Where are the scars for a breast lift?

One of three basic breast lift scar patterns is chosen:

Circumareolar (scar around the areola of the nipple)

lollipop (scar around the areola and vertically beneath the nipple)

Anchor scar (lollipop scar plus a horizontal scar beneath the breast)

The technique used is tailored to the individual patient depending upon the degree of breast droop and skin excess.  Other factors such as the size or areola and whether or not an implant is added affect the decision as to which scar pattern would be best. The breast scars associated with a Utah breast lift can be significant and must be completely understood by the patient prior to proceeding with surgery. Successful, aesthetically pleasing results depend largely upon the artistry and skill of the surgeon. An artist himself, Dr. Yates prides himself on obtaining excellent results, serving the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Dr Yates will discuss the most pleasing scar pattern at the time of your consultation.
How much does a breast lift cost?

The average cost of a breast lift is $4,377, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2014 statistics.   This does not include implants, anesthesia fees or operating room fees and the patient can expect a total cost a bit higher.   For example the cost of breast lift without implants in our office is $4700 – $7000 and the cost of a breast lift with implants is $7,000 – $9,500.  For a list of the costs of common procedures performed by Dr. Yates click here.

I am planning on having breast augmentation, how do I know if I need a breast lift?
Patients fit into three categories 1) “need” a lift 2) would benefit from but don’t “need” a lift 3) don’t need a lift Those patients that “need” a lift would get a poor result with augmentation alone (the breasts would appear to be “slipping off” the implant). Those in category (2) may benefit from a lift for “optimal” aesthetics, however the scars to achieve the lift may or may not be an acceptable trade-off for the patient. With 3D imaging, there is now an exciting way for the patient to visualize this change with implants alone to help them determine for themselves whether they really want a lift.

Since 2010, 3D imaging has been available in our office in Layton, UT.

Are breast implants always used?

Breast implants can be used in addition to breast lift to help achieve more breast fullness. Breast implants are necessary if you would like increase the size of your breasts.

There is a myth that the only way to achieve fullness of the upper breasts is to add an implant. That is true with “skin only” lift procedures. Deep breast tissue rearrangement and reshaping can result in some addition of fullness for some patients using the patients own breast tissue.  However, if significant increase in upper breast fullness is desired, an implant is necessary.

There is some degree of breast lifting with an implant alone from the effect of filling the skin envelope.  For some patients a shaped or anatomic implant is better than a round implant in achieving this effect.

How long does a breast lift last?

A variety of factors determine the degree of long term breast droop improvement.  The patients tissue characteristics, elasticity, support, and breast weight will determine how well the lift procedure lasts.  Generally, patients with heavier breasts and poor skin elasticity will not maintain the results as well but this is impossible to absolutely predict.  An implant can contribute longer lasting upper fullness.  For some patients a reduction of lower, droopy breast tissue with addition of an implant can improve the longevity of the procedure.  So called – addition/ subtraction surgery.

Breast reduction with a lift and implants.   Why remove breast tissue if you are adding an implant?

Women with heavy breasts who want less droop and more upper fullness often benefit from reduction of the heavy lower tissue at the time of breast implants. This helps to achieve a fuller upper breasts and the results last much longer. There are also often times where one breast is larger than the other and by removing more from the larger breast we are able to use the same implant on each side which helps to achieve improved symmetry.

Can a breast uplift improve asymmetric breasts?

Breast lift can be designed to treat asymmetric breasts. Breast lift is a very artistic procedure and each breast is treated separately.

Where does Dr. Yates perform breast lifts?

Breast lifts can be performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient operating suite or local anesthesia with deep sedation in Dr. Yates AAAASF certified clinic operating room. Generally patients choose the latter for financial reasons. A board certified anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia for a breast lift at either location. Dr. Yates strongly believes that this is important both for patient safety and comfort.

How much pain should I expect from a breast lift?

Pain and possibly nausea can be significant for the first few days after a breast lift. To minimize this pain, long lasting numbing medication/ pain medication is placed in the site of the operation during the procedure. This helps alleviate much of the pain for the first evening following the procedure, which is generally when the discomfort is most significant. You will be given medications for pain and nausea for the next several days.

On our Facebook business page, other patients have discussed their recovery and experience after breast lifts as well as other procedures.

When can I return to work or the gym after a breast lift?

Generally you can return to desk work within 3-6 days, may resume moderate lifting within three weeks and gym activities at approximately six weeks.

What risks are associated with breast lifts?

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are possible risks and complications. Dr Yates will thoroughly discuss these rare but potential risks at the time of your consultation. On the rare occurrence that a complication does occur, Dr Yates will work diligently to correct it at no additional surgeons fee. Happy patients are a Plastic Surgeons best ally.

How do I schedule a consultation or schedule surgery?

Contact Dr. Yates office or feel free to email him any additional questions you may have.

We proudly serve patients in Layton, Utah and the surrounding areas. Call us at (801) 525-8741 to schedule a consultation or contact us here to learn more about a breast lift.

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