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Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) is performed to improve the shape of the upper arms. The ideal candidate has excess skin and fat in the upper arms out of proportion to the rest of their body. Dr. York Yates provides excellence in arm lift surgery to patients in Layton, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Yates today.

What type of anesthesia is used for an Arm Lift?

An arm lift can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation with local anesthetic. Our standard anesthesia for an arm lift is TIVA anesthesia.

How is an Arm Lift performed?

Excess skin and fat are removed through an incision placed on the inner arms from the armpit to a few inches above the elbow. The scars are hidden with the arms to the side but may be visible with the arms overhead. Patients with little skin excess may be candidates for the removal of fat alone with liposuction.

A mini arm lift involves a limited excision onto the upper arm with most of the scar hiding in the armpit. This results in mild improvement and is best for patients with minimal skin excess.

A mini arm lift or full arm lift can be combined with liposuction as well.

Before & After


Lost 100 lbs before and one year after brachioplasty + liposuction of the arms. View More.

What should I expect from recovery after an Arm Lift?

Following an arm lift, a compression garment is worn and exercise is limited for approximately 6 weeks. Sutures are the internal type and don’t require removal. Visit our “recovery” page on this website for procedure-specific recovery questions.

How much does an Arm Lift cost?

We are transparent about our pricing. The cost of arm lift surgery can be found on the costs of plastic surgery section of this website.

What Are the Benefits of an Arm Lift?

When you think about an arm lift, your primary goal is often the eliminate excess fat and skin on the upper arm area. This, in turn, has added benefits for you. This includes the confidence to wear more revealing clothing and tops that expose the arms. An arm lift can also improve the overall shape and contour of the arms, giving them a more toned appearance. It tightens loose skin, reduces "fat and flab," and can even show off your hard work at the gym by making defined arm muscles more visible. With brachioplasty, you can enjoy long-lasting results as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight and avoid unnecessary weight gain that can cause fat cells to grow in size and result in the return of excess fat in the upper arm.

What Areas of the Arms Are Affected by an Arm Lift?

Dr. York Yates finds that the brachioplasty procedure can be used to address areas on the upper arms, including the inner and outer aspects of the arm, as well as the armpit area. Excess fat and skin are both removed to achieve a toned appearance and slimmer look.

What Is the Recovery Period Like After an Arm Lift?

Your Layton, OH, plastic surgeon will provide you with post-operative instructions to follow closely to ensure fast and effective healing. Without following these recommendations, you may be at a higher risk of complications or infection following the brachioplasty surgery.

Are There Any Risks Associated With an Arm Lift Procedure?

There are always complications, side effects, and risks associated with any surgical procedure. It is critical that you consult with Dr. York Yates and his team before undergoing procedures such as the arm lift to ensure you fully understand the risks and rewards of this surgery. Some risks may include infection, bruising, and discomfort, though close attention to our provided aftercare instructions will reduce the severity or occurrence of many of these concerns.

How Long Do Results Last After an Arm Lift Procedure?

The results of the brachioplasty are long-lasting as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. While fat cells are removed during the brachioplasty treatment, this doesn't mean that the remaining fat cells do not have the opportunity to grow larger to create new fat stores. Dr. York Yates often finds that the best candidates are those within their ideal weight range and who live active lifestyles, as this can significantly extend the longevity of results from the arm lift surgery.

Can I Combine Other Body Contouring Procedures With My Arm Lift Surgery?

Having multiple plastic surgeries done at once can reduce the healing and recovery time needed for each separate surgery. Additionally, many expenses can be done at the same time for a more affordable treatment if you are combining other body contouring procedures with arm lift surgery. If you have several areas of the body you want to improve at once, Dr. York Yates of Layton, OH, may recommend performing all of the procedures together to reduce cost and time off of work and other social activities if having them done separately.

Who Is a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

Before anyone can get arm lift surgery, they must first fit the requirements for candidacy.

You are considered an ideal candidate for arm lift surgery if you:

  • Have too much laxity in your upper arms.
  • Are not too overweight.
  • Do not have any underlying health conditions that could interfere with the procedure.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Have realistic expectations and understanding of the procedure.

What Disqualifies You as a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

Despite being a cosmetic procedure, it can still pose a threat to your health if you do not meet the requirements for candidacy. That said, if your health is not in the best state, you could have complications with the anesthesia. Having unrealistic expectations about the surgery can also disqualify you from getting arm lift surgery. You must have a clear benefit that makes it worth the cost. If you do not have any valid reasons, the surgeon will not approve the surgery.

What Are the Primary Goals of Arm Lift Surgery?

The purpose of arm lift surgery is to get rid of any excess fat and skin on the upper arms. This is to help create a more desirable and aesthetically pleasing shape of your arm. Another goal of arm lift surgery is to smooth out and tighten the supportive tissue within the arm.

Are There Any Risks or Complications Associated With Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is typically safe, but like many other cosmetic procedures, there are risks involved. The risks do depend on a few factors, such as the current state of your health, your age, and how much weight you have lost.

Below is a short list of rare but possible risks of receiving arm lift surgery:

  • The wound may not heal properly.
  • You could develop an infection.
  • You might experience excessive bleeding.
  • The lymphatic tissue may be damaged, which can cause it to swell.
  • Damage to nearby nerves.
  • You might have complications with the provided anesthesia.
  • Persistent pain.
  • Possible blood clot formation.
  • You might have noticeable scarring.

The plastic surgeon will go over these risks during your consultation.

Will I Have Noticeable Scars After Arm Lift?

Yes, there will be a rather large scar after the procedure is completed. In most cases, however, the scar will eventually fade and become less noticeable as time goes on. But this ultimately depends on your body’s healing process and the technique used to perform the procedure.

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