Nipple Reduction Surgery Salt Lake City & Layton, Utah

Large nipples can be reduced in size with a relatively simple surgical procedure. The type of procedure depends on whether the nipple is too long, too wide, or both.

Can nipple reduction be performed with breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, nipple reduction surgery can be performed at the time of breast augmentation. Excess nipple tissue is removed with a scar that is usually very well healed and hidden at the base of the nipple.

What is the difference between nipple reduction and areolar reduction?

The nipple areolar complex includes the areola (the pigmented tissue around the nipple) and the nipple. Nipple reduction involves removing some of the projection or diameter of the nipple. Many patients, particularly those with very large breasts benefit from areolar reduction. The ideal diameter of the areola varies depending on personal preference and breast size. The general range is around 35 mm for smaller breasts and 40-45 mm for larger breasts.

How is nipple reduction performed?

The nipple is reduced in length or diameter or both by removal of the excess tissue and reshaping the remaining tissue to the desired shape.  This is usually easily accomplished with local anesthetic.


How is areolar reduction performed?

Areolar reduction is performed with almost every breast reduction and most breast lift procedures. The size of the areolar tissue is marked circularly and the excess areolar tissue is removed. The resultant scar is at least a complete circle around the areola, often more if done with a breast lift or breast reduction.

Areolar reduction can be done without additional breast surgery as well.  The procedure involves excision of the excess areolar skin with a scar around the nipple only.

Is breast feeding or sensation affected with nipple reduction surgery?

There is a fairly high risk of loss of nipple sensation or impaired breast feeding after nipple reduction surgery. This is not an absolute and many patients report sensation and lactation are unaffected.

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