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New Year, New You? Why Breast Plastic Surgery is a Great Way to Start 2023!

The New Year is a time for reflection, resolutions, and fresh starts. What better way to start 2023 than by giving yourself the gift of breast plastic surgery? Whether you want to increase your cup size, achieve more symmetrical breasts, or correct drooping or sagging, breast plastic surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  […]

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When to Consider Areola Reduction

Cosmetic surgeries of the breast are not all about lifting or augmenting them. Other women worry about having to trim down their areolas as well. The areola is the darker skin surrounding the nipples of the breasts. This procedure is often preferred by women who feel that the size of their areolas are not proportionate

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After Breast Lift: What Now?

Congratulations on getting the perkier breasts you have always wanted! Now that you have younger-looking breasts, it is often normal to be left with a question — what now? What happens to your breasts while they recover? What will your body feel? How will you alleviate the symptoms? Do not drown yourself with all these questions

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Going Through Areola Reduction

Women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their areolas (the pigmented skin that surrounds your nipples) may consider areola reduction surgery. Some women may have larger, or too puffy, areolas than normal as a result of breastfeeding, breast implants, genetics, or massive weight loss. Whatever the case is, areola reduction surgery can be the

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Prevent Capsular Contracture and Maintain Gorgeous Breasts

Before undergoing breast surgery, particularly breast augmentation with breast implants, it is important for the potential patient to have clear and realistic expectations about the procedure. By knowing the side effects and possible complications of the surgery, patients can lessen the risks of acquiring a capsular contracture. Why does capsular contracture occur? Capsular contracture happens

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