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A small amount of male breast development is common during puberty, usually resolving within a couple of years. Failure of this male breast tissue to resolve completely may cause embarrassment and pain and is an indication for surgery. Most cases of gynecomastia are caused by over sensitivity of breast tissue to normal levels of hormones, and some cases can be caused by medical conditions such as hormonal abnormalities, medication side effects, or drugs such as steroids or marijuana. Abnormal testicular development can be an indication that a medical cause is to blame.

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Treatment Options for Gynecomastia

Breast tissue can be removed by excision techniques, liposuction or a combination of the two. The very dense breast tissue cannot be completely removed with liposuction and may require excision. Power assisted liposuction, laser liposuction or ultrasound assisted liposuction can help to break up some of the dense breast tissue and extends the role of liposuction in the treatment of gynecomastia.

gynecomastia layton utLiposuction Treatment of Gynecomastia

Liposuction is generally an easier method of treatment with less risk, smaller scars, and quicker recovery. For this reason it is the preferred treatment when appropriate. The ideal male breast for treatment with liposuction has good skin elasticity and is fairly fatty (not dense and hard).

Excision of Gynecomastia

Dense breast tissue is too firm to allow adequate removal with liposuction alone and excisional methods may be necessary. This generally requires a small scar at the lower border of the areola around the nipple. This scar is generally good quality and well hidden. Over-aggressive excision must be avoided to a avoid an indentation or “saucer deformity”.  Excision can be combined with liposuction where indicated.

gynecomastia utahExcision with Breast Reshaping

Patients who have lost a lot of weight often have a significant amount of excess skin that will need to be removed to reshape the breast. This can be done at the time of breast tissue excision or liposuction of the breast as necessary.

Gynecomastia FAQs

Do Anabolic Steroids Cause Gynecomastia?

Steroids are to blame for a great number of cases of gynecomastia. Generally the gynecomastia caused by steroids is very firm and requires excisional techniques.

What is the Recovery from Surgery Like?

The recovery after either liposuction or excision of gynecomastia requires about 6 weeks off from aggressive physical activity and exercise. During the first 3 weeks, a garment is worn to reduce swelling. The risks of doing too much too early are swelling, hematoma, and poor results.

Will Gynecomastia Come Back After Treatment?

The breast tissue and excess fatty tissue removed with treatment are gone for good. It is very unlikely that there will be significant recurrence. However, anabolic steroids, marijuana use and significant weight gain are risk factors for recurrence.

Does Insurance Cover Gynecomastia Treatment?

In general, insurance carries consider this cosmetic surgery and do not pay for it unless there is a medical cause. The procedure can be performed in the clinic procedure room with sedation and local anesthetic or in the operating room under general anesthesia. Dr. Yates is happy to provide gynecomastia treatment for patients in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Treatment Cost?

The fees associated with gynecomastia treatments include: 1) surgeon’s fees 2) anesthesia fees 3) facility fees. As Dr Yates has an in-office operating suite, there is minimal facility fee. This is a cost savings directly to the patient. For a list of the costs of common procedures performed by Dr. Yates click here.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation or a Surgery for Gynecomastia?

Contact Dr. Yates’ office or feel free to email him with any additional questions you may have.

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