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ASPS reports “do your homework”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has a new campaign that you will be hearing a lot about in the coming months.  This will stress the importance to a patient to “do your homework” when choosing a physician to do your plastic surgery.

Non-plastic surgeons disciplined

A lot of physicians are calling themselves plastic surgeons these days. In the USA today this week, there was an article titled “some non-plastic surgeons disciplined for disastrous results”. The article illustrates risks of non-board certified plastic surgeons performing cosmetic surgery. This is just a small sample of what is really going on out there.… Read More »

How to choose a plastic surgeon according to USA today.

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be difficult. Over the past three days, there has been a special topic on plastic surgery in the USA today. One of these articles was titled “what to ask when picking a plastic surgeon”. The article emphasizes board certification in plastic surgery, experience and facility accreditation.

Utah plastic surgeons

There are more plastic surgeons per capita in Salt Lake City Utah than almost any other city.  There are also a lot of non-plastic surgeons who do cosmetic surgery in Utah. When choosing a plastic surgeon in Utah, training and experience are obviously important.  To assist the patient, I have compiled a list of (hopefully) all of… Read More »

Plastic Surgeon testimonials and doctor ratings

Patients are using the internet more and more to guide them on their search of a good plastic surgeon.  The privacy and convenience of soliciting opinions from others online cannot be over-stated. There are a variety of doctor rating websites available to help.  There has been a lot of resistance from the medical community regarding these sites. … Read More »

Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

Choosing the best plastic surgeon for you can be a difficult process.  This is obviously not the type of shopping where finding someone from a phone book will do.  Unfortunately, some still do. A certain amount of research should be done before you ever consider making the appointment. Ask around. Review physician websites. Review before… Read More »

Why taxi drivers don’t fly planes

I once bought the DVD “Spider-man” from a street vendor in New York.  The movie was still in the theaters and although I felt unlikely that this was legit, it was only $5.  To my surprise, the movie was actually on the DVD.  It was a low quality home video obviously taken by a patron… Read More »

How to find a good plastic surgeon

Simply finding a plastic surgeon is easy. What is not easy is knowing how to find the best plastic surgeon for you. I realize that many readers do not live anywhere near Utah, where I practice. For you, let this be a (hopefully) unbiased guide to choosing your plastic surgeon. For those of you in… Read More »

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