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Scar Treatment Salt Lake City: Achieve Ideal Outcome with Dr. Yates

In most surgical procedures, surgical scar is a real thing and oftentimes a necessary tradeoff to achieving your desired aesthetic condition. But due to advances in medical technology and healing science, you now have substantial options to lessen, if not completely do away with, scars after the operation. Thus, a truly great plastic surgeon should… Read More »

Advantages of Dr. Yates’ Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breasts are generally favorable to women. But too large breasts (or excessively large a pair to a particular woman’s body frame) may not be similarly aspired for. This is so as large breasts may lead to symptoms of neck pain, back pain, and shoulder grooves due to bra strap. On the emotional level, the… Read More »

Board Certified Breast Surgeon: Choosing the Right One in Utah

Naturally, you need to go to a capable plastic surgeon to perform your intended breast procedure. But it gets more complicated when you take into account that there are thousands of plastic and cosmetic surgeons out there. Furthermore, it is unlikely that any surgeon would advertise himself (or herself) as inexperienced and incompetent in breast… Read More »

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