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Salt Lake City BOTOX

The skin around our face is one of the first parts of the body to begin to show signs of aging. This skin is delicate and can easily be marred by sun damage. One of the easiest way to achieve a healthy, youthful appearance by making sure your skin is in good condition. If you… Read More »

Reloxin now FDA approved

As I discussed a few weeks ago, the FDA met to discuss approval of Reloxin as an alternative to Botox. It was approved on April 30th. I don’t think it will effect my practice just yet as I need to see how they will market it and the price point. It is good to have… Read More »

Xeomin FDA approved as a new alternative to Botox

Xeomin (another competitor for Botox) was recently FDA approved for the treatment of lines and wrinkles. It is too new to know where this will go. With the approval of Dysport several months ago, this market is getting quite crowded. Hopefully Xeomin will offer something beneficial to the patient such as longer duration or lower… Read More »

BOTOX For Babies?

Likely everyone has read, heard or seen the story of 8 year old Britney Campbell whose mother proudly proclaimed she was giving her beauty pageant competing daughter Botox injections. If you aren’t familiar, here’s a link to the story as reported by Since this time much speculation has been made as to whether or not… Read More »

“Botax” to take effect January 2010

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you may want to hurry as the costs are about to increase by 5%.  The new health care bill unveiled by the senate last week includes a 5% tax on all cosmetic procedures and surgeries.  This is an effort to help raise the funds required to extend health insurance… Read More »

Botox without needles

Unless you have been living in a cave, it should be no supprise that botox is an injectable medication that helps improve certain types of wrinkles.  Other than the cost, one of the most problematic issues for patients is the needle.  Most of us just don’t enjoy getting stuck. Hope is on the horizon.  There… Read More »

Dysport may prove to be no cheaper than Botox

With the announcement that Dysport received FDA approval a few weeks ago, I have been hoping that the price point would be significantly less.  Botox is around $450 for a 100 Unit vial.  Dysport is around the same price for a 300 Unit vial.  Dysport is around 1/3 the price per unit.  However, Dysport is… Read More »

Botox may now have some competition in Reloxin.

Botox has become a household word. For those of you living under a rock, Botox is an injectable medication which reduces wrinkles caused by facial muscle activity. It is a purified toxin from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and works by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles in the area where it is injected. Botox has been… Read More »

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