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We Are Pleased To Announce That We Are Now Offering MiraDry To Our Nonsurgical Treatment Options!

What is MiraDry?

MiraDry is an FDA cleared, permanent solution to underarm sweating. Most patients experience complete or near complete removal of all underarm sweat glands with a single treatment with Dr. York Yates serving Layton and Salt Lake City, Utah. Minimal to No more sweating, odor, sweat stains or deodorant stains EVER AGAIN Utah.  MiraDry also has an FDA indication for underarm hair reduction and you can expect on average 70% underarm hair reduction.   

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which there is excessive sweating, most commonly from the palms and underarms. Although Miradry does not currently have an indication for sweating of the palm it is FDA cleared for excessive underarm sweating.

How can miraDry help with excessive sweating?

Miradry uses a proprietary energy based technique for the destruction of sweat glands they call MiraWave energy. It is a microwave energy that targets sweat glands for permanent removal and has the additional benefit of hair reduction.

What is the miraDry procedure?

  • The procedure involves numbing the underarms followed by treatment with the MiraDry hand-piece which is performed by the technician.
  • This takes approximately an hour and a half and although there is mild pain with the initial anesthesia, the procedure is comfortable.

Don’t I need My sweat glands?

That is one of the most common questions we hear.   The truth is that although sweat is one of the body’s method of cooling off, the underarm sweat glands are a very small percentage of sweat glands and we don’t see increase sweating from other areas as compensation.  

Does miraDry work?

Clinical studies have shown on average permanent 70% reduction of sweat glands with a single treatment up to 90% after two treatments.   All patients respond to some degree but the degree is variable.   Dr. Yates believed in the technology enough to not only offer it to his Utah MiraDry patients but to himself as well.   

Hyperhidrosis Treatment FAQs

The best candidates are those with excessive, or embarrassing, sweat and odor from the underarms. Although even a patient with a normal amount of underarm sweat is a candidate.

Typically one treatment is all that is needed although there are situations that may require more than one treatment.

MiraDry is typically a one time treatment for permanent removal of sweat glands. Botox is a treatment that only slows the function of the sweat glands without removal. The effect of Botox wears off within months and over time the cost of Botox can be much greater than that of MiraDry.

There is some discomfort and swelling following the procedure but patients generally report no downtime and can be back to normal activities right away.

There is a side effect of underarm hair reduction following the MiraDry procedure, in fact there is an FDA indication for hair reduction.   This is generally a welcome side effect for most patients.  There are very rare and unlikely skin sensitivity issues that are typically temporary.  

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