Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

First day instructions

  • Send Dr. Yates photos and any questions
  • Get up and walk
  • No lying on your back or sitting.   Avoid buttock pressure
  • Strict avoidance of sitting for 14-21 days
  • Strict avoidance of lying on back for 14-21 days
  • A fair amount of incisional bleeding and drainage is normal.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal and will last for weeks
  • You will wear the garment for one to three weeks
  • You can take the garment off to shower.  
  • If a foam dressing was placed under the garment, this is to be worn for approximately a week
  • Get off the pain medications as soon as possible
  • Take antibiotics as prescribed
  • Take stool softeners if you are taking any narcotics
  • Take the single dose of Gabapentin if prescribed
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay active, minimal bed rest is better for a safe and quick recovery
  • Your next visit is at three weeks.   In-person or online.

Three-week instructions

  • Send Dr. Yates photos and any questions
  • You are able to resume physical work and moderate exercise
  • Full exercise at 6 weeks
  • The buttock size and liposuction areas are still a little swollen but nearing the final size
  • You may change to second stage garments
  • MASSAGE – Massage is controversial.  Some plastic surgeons believe it is helpful and some believe it is harmful.   Dr. Yates believes massage can be helpful to minimize pain and sensitivity for some patients but isn’t necessary for nice results.   In the event that there are minimal pain and swelling, Dr. Yates prefers no massage.  
  • Situations where Dr. Yates RECOMMENDS MASSAGE 
    • Situations with more than typical pain
    • Situations with more than typically swelling
    • Areas of irregularity in the first 3 months 
    • The patient prefers active participation in their healing and simply prefers to do massage
    • Massage after liposuction has two components:  1) Lymphatic massage and 2) Massage of treated areas
    • Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system to clear the body of healing byproducts and swelling.   Lymphatic massage is best done under the direction of a certified lymphatic massage therapist but can be done by the patient with some training.   Here is an instructional link to a webpage created by a certified lymphatic massage therapist.  
    • Massage of the treated areas simply involves lightly massaging the treated areas with flat fingers or palm in a circular motion to help desensitize the skin and encourage swelling resolution.   This should not be done aggressively as it can cause more harm than good.
  • You may change to second stage garments at 3 weeks.   Examples of good second stage garments are Spanx, Flexees, Marena, or M&D.   All can be found online. 
  • Please share your experience on a review site or social media 🙂
  • Schedule an online or in-person follow-up visit at 3 months.

Three-month instructions

  • You have no limitations.   Check-in with Dr. Yates with photos and any questions


  • You have no limitations.   Check-in with Dr. Yates with photos and any questions
  • Return to the office for postoperative photos
  • Leave a kind review 🙂
  • Share a bikini or similar photo for us to share on our “real patient” photo gallery:)

General Recovery Tips

Minimizing Bruising and Swelling

Bruising and swelling occur with almost every surgical procedure. Usually, the swelling lasts for only a few days to weeks. There are steps that can be taken before and after surgery to help minimize bruising and swelling… Read More.


Scars are the necessary trade-off of many plastic surgeries.  The goal is a near-invisible, thin, skin-colored scar.  Scars are ideally minimized by early attention but there are options for treatment of problem scars as well… Read More.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are the visible result of tears of the second layer of skin, the dermis. Stretch marks usually result from rapid stretching of skin, such as weight gain, or pregnancy.  Treatment options for stretch marks such as removal, microneedling, and laser are available…. Read More.

Preparation for surgery

prepare your house for surgery

1-2 weeks before surgery you should have your childcare, work arrangements, and caretaker lined up.  Depending on the procedure you may have a few recovery items on hand.  Start with an organized, clean house and full pantry.  If you are making meals, simple prep. meals and disposable dinnerware.  

prepare your body for surgery

The weeks before surgery are a good time to maximize a healthy diet and stay on top of exercise.  Yoga and heart-healthy exercises are particularly valuable. For almost every procedure stopping smoking 6 weeks before surgery is valuable.  For some it is critical.  Avoid excessive alcohol and marijuana prior to surgery as well. 

Check your medications and supplements

Some medications such as aspirin, fish-oils and some supplements can contribute to bleeding and bruising after surgery.  If you would like to take SinnEcch for bruising you would want to do so before surgery.  The benefit is mild in Dr. Yates’s opinion but some patients swear by it.

Stay away from illness

Avoid getting sick, wash your hands frequently and avoid contact will people who are ill.

Time off Work and exercise

Check the procedure list below for the time you should plan to take off of work or exercise.  With most procedures, office work and light exercise are OK between one to three weeks.  For most procedures, there are no restrictions after six weeks.      

Recovery Supplies

Dr Yates will give you most everything you need after surgery including garments, a BBL pillow, absorptive pads, and dressings as indicated.  A few recommended additional supplies are

  • Bed that reclines, recliner, or extra bed pillows
  • Icy Hot back patch
  • Loose baggy clothes
  • Paper tape 1″
  • Ice packs
  • Stool Softener
  • Ginger Ale
  • Antacid such as Tums
  • Melatonin (not to be used with pain medications)
  • Benadryl
  • Cortisone cream
  • Neosporin
  • Probiotics or yogurt
  • Second stage Spanx or Flexees 
  • Flexible straws for drinking
  • Water bottles/ Gatorade
  • Entertainment such as DVD or Netflix
  • Cell phone charger near bed and sofa

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips

How long will I be in bed after the Brazilian butt lift?
You should expect no significant bedrest after buttock augmentation.   Get up and walk.
Tell me about pain management after the Brazilian butt lift?
The majority of pain after BBL is associated with areas of liposuction.   Pain is worst in the 1-2 days following BBL and you may find that narcotic pain medications are necessary.   We prefer you to take as few as you need.  After the first couple of days, the dull pain is not intense but lasts for over a week.
What do I do with the incisions after the Brazilian butt lift?
The small 3-4 mm incisions may drain a bit of thin, red fluid for a couple of days after surgery.  You will replace a gauze in these areas as necessary.  Once the drainage has decreased you can place Neosporin on the incisions.
When can I shower or swim after the Brazilian butt lift?
As soon as the drainage as slowed considerably you may shower.  You may soak in about a week.
How long will I need help with childcare after the Brazilian butt lift?
For toddlers or children that need a lot of care, you will want assistance for a week after surgery.
How long before I can return to the gym after Brazilian butt lift?
It is best that you get through the bruising and swelling phase of healing before returning to the gym, approximately 3 weeks.  Low to moderate impact exercise is OK from 3-6 weeks.  There are no exercise restrictions at 6 weeks.
How long before I can return to work after Brazilian butt lift?
It is best that you get through the acute phase of healing before returning to office work, approximately 3-5 days.  Avoiding sitting is the biggest challenge for many.   We will provide you a BBL pillow allowing you to sit without pressure directly on the buttock. 
Return to a physically demanding job is closer to 2-3 weeks.
When can I return to sexual activities after the Brazilian butt lift?
You can return to normal sexual activities at around 4 weeks after BBL
What can go wrong if I don’t follow these recommendations?
Pressure on the grafted areas could result in graft displacement, or graft volume loss.   We need to protect the investment
When will I expect to see my final results?
You will generally look pretty great right after surgery with some bruising and swelling hiding the final result.   As the swelling subsides and the graft matures we will see final results at around 3 months after surgery
How long should I expect drainage?
There is drainage from the liposuction incisions for around 2-3 days
How long do I wear my garment?
The garment should be worn nearly 24-7 for 3 weeks.  Changing to a more comfortable garment or shapewear can be done at that time
When can I sit?
Strict avoidance of sitting for 2-3 weeks, other than when using the provided BBL pillow
When can I sleep on my back?
Avoid the pressure of sleeping on the back for 2-3 weeks

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