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Operating Room Suite

Choose to have your surgery in our fully accredited in-office operating suite. Accreditation is by the AAAASF, the gold standard in plastic surgery operating suites.


Lower complication rate in office-based surgery center

There are many advantages to having your cosmetic surgery done in an office-based operating suite.

  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Avoid hospital bacteria and infections
  • Cost

In a recent study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, looking at complication rates after cosmetic surgery is done in either an office-based center, ambulatory surgical center or a hospital there was found to be a lower complication in office-based centers.   This is consistent with our experience as well.

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Plastic surgery without general anesthesia

glen judd CRNA

Glen, our amazing CRNA, he does
an amazing job and patients love him.

In Dr. Yates’s office operating suite, all procedures are done under sedation without general anesthesia. This adds additional benefits:

  • Safety of avoiding general anesthesia
  • Lower risk of DVT or pulmonary embolism
  • No risk of malignant hyperthermia (rare but potentially life-threatening)
  • Less nausea
  • Less postoperative pain (excellent local anesthesia)
  • Quicker recovery

We use different levels of sedation depending on the procedure that is being done and the individual patients’ needs.  This ranges from simple oral sedation to light sedation (RN sedation), to deep sedation (MD or CRNA anesthesia).

Procedures that can be done without general anesthesia in our operating suite

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