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Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, uses the patient’s own fat for volume enhancement in the face, breast, or body.  Fat is a near ideal substance for grafting as it is abundant, natural, and generally low risk to harvest.

What areas are treated with fat grafting?

Fat grafting to the breasts – Also known as natural breast augmentation. This is really a win-win. Fat is taken from undesired areas and grafted to the breasts. The procedure produces outcomes that are different to standard breast augmentation, as its results are generally more naturally shaped. There is also a limit to how much the breast size would be expected to increase with fat grafting. Implants generally give the breasts a rounder, larger, higher look than fat grafting. The procedure is ideal for patients who want a natural shape and conservative size or for patients who are worried about breast implants.

Fat injection to the buttocks/ buttock augmentation – Also known as the “Brazilian butt lift”, fat grafting to the buttocks is gaining in popularity.  Large volumes of fat are injected into the fat and subcutaneous tissue of the buttocks.   Buttock augmentation typically involves sculpting and reducing the excess fat surrounding the buttocks in addition to filling the gluteal region.

Fat injections to the face – With aging, there is loss of volume in the face.  Fat injections can be used to soften the lines of the face, fill hollows, and lift empty skin of the cheeks and eyelids.  When used for global facial rejuvenation, this is called a “liquid facelift”.

Fat injection to the lips – Used to give shape and fullness to thin lips.  Used as an alternative to lip injections with temporary fillers or permanent lip implants.

Fat grafting for liposuction deformity – Overaggresive liposuction can result in hollowing.  Fat injections can be used to correct the area of over-treatment.

Where does the fat that is grafted come from?

Fat is easy to harvest with modern liposuction techniques.  Most patients have a few areas where they wouldn’t mind losing a little fat.  There is ongoing research to determine the most effective fat to transfer.  Many plastic surgeons use the general strategy of choosing fat for grafting from a location desired by the patient.

The fat used for fat transfer is treated in a meticulous fashion to maximize fat grafting “take”.  There is a lot of ongoing research regarding the best method of harvesting and preparing the fat for grafting.

How long do fat grafts last?

As opposed to most soft tissue fillers such as Restylane and Juviderm, fat grafts can last forever.  The goal of every fat grafting procedure is for the injected fat to “live” in its new location.  With proper techniques, one can expect from 50 – 80% of the grafted fat to survive.  For this reason, it is often necessary to have more than one fat grafting session to achieve full correction.

How much do fat injections cost?

Generally, the cost of fat injections is more than the alternative procedure.  For example, soft tissue fillers for facial rejuvenation are less expensive than fat injections.  However, fat injections can result in permanent improvement.

The costs associated with fat injection include 1) surgeon’s fees, 2) anesthesia fees, and 3) facility fees. As Dr Yates has an in-office operating suite, the facility fee is minimal. This is a cost savings directly to the patient. For a list of the costs of common procedures performed by Dr. Yates click here.

How do I schedule a consultation or schedule surgery?

Contact Dr. Yates office or feel free to email him any additional questions you may have.


Procedure: fat grafting to the hand

Before and after fat grafting 34 cc per side to rejuvenate aging hands.

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