Posts From July, 2009

What is the HCG diet?

I have had a few patients ask me recently if I offer the HCG diet. The answer is no.  At this point it is experimental, unproven and possibly dangerous. The 500 calorie/ day is too restrictive to be healthy.  Messing with fertility hormones (HCG) makes no sense.  The body has a delicate balance of hormones… Read More »

Botox without needles

Unless you have been living in a cave, it should be no supprise that botox is an injectable medication that helps improve certain types of wrinkles.  Other than the cost, one of the most problematic issues for patients is the needle.  Most of us just don’t enjoy getting stuck. Hope is on the horizon.  There… Read More »

Can you believe online testimonials?

Yesterday, news about the big box face lift company “Lifestyle lift” fraudulent online testimonials led to a $300,000 settlement.  Apparently the company was trying to balance its negative online reviews by asking employees to pose as satisfied customers and writing raving reviews. I don’t have any specific comments about this company.  The only Lifestyle lift surgeon… Read More »

New silicone breast implant size options now available

The Mentor corporation has announced more options in their already excellent selection of memory gel silicone implants. Smooth round memory gel implants by Mentor are my current preferred choice for silicone implants.  I received a fax from the company yesterday that they have manufactured eight new size options.  Two of these are in high profile… Read More »

How long do plastic surgery procedures last?

I am often asked how long the results of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery last.  This is very procedure specific with some procedures only lasting a couple of months while others last a lifetime.  Some procedures give a patient a significant benefit for the rest of their life although the results may be diminished over… Read More »

Was Diprivan (Propofol) involved in Michael Jackson’s death?

The circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death are not entirely known.  One of the possible causes has been speculated as Diprivan overdose.  Diprivan (Propofol) is a powerful anesthetic that is used by anesthesiologists for anesthesia during operative procedures.  It is referred to as “milk of amnesia”.  With proper monitoring and administration by an anesthesiologist, this is… Read More »

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