Posts From October, 2010

Plastic surgery disasters – a Halloween primer

Riding in a plane has become commonplace and passe, so too has cosmetic surgery.  Many have forgotten that this is REAL surgery with REAL risks. Death and complication in plastic surgery is something that people don’t want to think about but need to hear.  Like the sound clanking in your engine, it won’t go away… Read More »

Is Lipo the Solution for My Stretched-Out Stomach?

I was kindly asked by a fellow plastic surgeon if she could leave a guest blog post regarding mommy makeover.  I thank her for her time…. Did pregnancy leave you with loose stomach skin? Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you: Your body goes through all kinds of changes while you’re pregnant—and once you’ve given… Read More »

Got hair?

Dr. John Bitner, my new partner, is a facial plastic surgeon.  He offers exceptional service in hair restoration surgery.  He offers free consultations and has a hair photography simulator to help a patient visualize their goals. Visit his website for more details. He was recently on channel 5 discussing hair transplants and has a new commercial… Read More »

I need a breast lift, how do I know if I need breast implants?

This question comes up all the time. “If you want fullness, you have to have an implant”, many patients have heard. I would disagree.  A well performed breast lift.  One that does not rely on the skin to hold the breast shape.  Can have excellent upper breast fullness without an implant.  In fact, the fullness… Read More »

Why pop a perfectly good breast implant?

A woman in her 40?s or 50?s presents to her plastic surgeon to discuss breast implant removal.  She had saline breast implants placed 20 or so years ago.  Since that time she has gained a little weight and breast tissue and now feels that her breasts are too large. She doesn’t remember the size of… Read More »

Breast augmentation with fat grafting still controversial.

I have just  attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons national meeting in Toronto, Canada.  As always, this was a great and educational meeting and I am planning on adopting a few new techniques into my practice. One of the “hot” new topics in plastic surgery is fat grafting for breast augmentation.  This is a… Read More »

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