Posts From April, 2017

3 Benefits of Tear Drop Breast Implants

If you are considering getting breast implants for either cosmetic or reconstructive purpose you have a variety of options to choose from including silicone, saline, gummy bear, and teardrop shaped implants. As a newer type of implant, not many people are as familiar with teardrop breast implants. From looking more natural to staying in place,… Read More »

Preparing for Summer: Why to Consider Getting a Breast Reduction

When thinking about getting your body in the best shape possible for the upcoming summer months, it might sound counterintuitive to consider getting a breast reduction while everybody else around you want to get a breast enhancement. However, if you have larger than life breasts that are causing you pain and discomfort, then you might… Read More »

3 Things to Know About Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery

There is nothing that can boost your confidence quite as much as feeling comfortable in your skin— especially when you’re naked. If you have inverted nipples, however, you may be extremely self-conscious about anyone–including yourself— seeing you without your shirt on. Luckily, Dr. York Yates can perform surgery to help permanently fix your inverted nipples—… Read More »

Add to Your Weight Loss Journey: Get Rid of Excess Skin

You have recently lost a significant amount of weight, congratulations! Any sort of weight loss journey is a hard one and getting to that finish line is an accomplishment that is immeasurable. And although it’s exhilarating to see the numbers on the scale read a number you never thought would be possible to see as… Read More »

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