Posts From May, 2011

Bikini Season Tummy Tuck – Salt Lake City Abdominoplasty

Welcome to Summer! With the BBQ’s, vacations to sandy, sunny, ocean-side locations and pool parties, the swimsuit season is upon us. While many of us bask in the glorious warmer weather, many more of us fret over the season’s main fashion staple: the swimsuit, or to be more exact, the body in it. While diet… Read More »

BOTOX For Babies?

Likely everyone has read, heard or seen the story of 8 year old Britney Campbell whose mother proudly proclaimed she was giving her beauty pageant competing daughter Botox injections. If you aren’t familiar, here’s a link to the story as reported by Since this time much speculation has been made as to whether or not… Read More »

New “ideal” breast implant on the horizon

Saline or silicone?  This is one of the most difficult decisions for a patient considering breast augmentation.  Each patient must decide for themselves what is most important.  The lower cost, shorter scar and piece of mind of a saline implant vs. the softness and decreased risk of rippling of a silicone implant. In the near… Read More »

Stem cell facelift and stem cell breast augmentation

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to become any type of tissue, given the proper signals for growth.  Stem cells are harvested primarily from a patients own fat or bone marrow.  The goals with stem cell therapy are to regenerate diseased or damaged tissues.  There is a huge potential with stem cells in the treatment… Read More »

Update on natual breast augmentation

Natural breast augmentation or lipoaugmentation is the practice of using a patients own fat for enhancement of the breast.  This was a hot topic at the 2011 ASAPS meeting in Boston.  There are only a handful of actual plastic surgeons offering natural breast augmentation (although there are many unqualified doctors) and all would admit that the short and long term… Read More »

Plastic surgery hot topics 2011

I am just wrapping up the ASAPS 2011 (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) meeting in Boston.  It was a great meeting with a lot of useful information.  I had a great time catching up with colleagues and took in a Redsox game and Celtics/ Heat playoff game.  As always, I am coming away from… Read More »

Check out the progress of our new office.

I have been in a “temporary space” for 8 years now.  It has been a long time coming but our new office space is finally a reality.  The new space will be completed sometime next month.  Stay tuned for an open house in the coming weeks. Entrance Waiting room Waiting room water wall waterwall from… Read More »

Dysport $50 rebate (May 1st through June 30th)

Dysport, an injectable medication similar to Botox, is offering a $50 rebate for treatment received between May 1st and June 30th.  Dysport is indicated for treatment of specific lines and wrinkles. Call or contact Dr. Yates office for an appointment to see if Dysport is right for you.

You won’t believe how far patients have traveled to have plastic surgery in our Utah office.

I received an email today from a wonderful patient.  She traveled from Africa to see us earlier this month.  She graciously offered a very nice testimonial for me to include on my website.  This got me thinking, “How many well qualified plastic surgeons did she fly past to get to little Layton, Utah to see me!” This is… Read More »

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