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The Case for Breast Reduction Surgery

When most people think of plastic surgery, they think of breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, and tummy tucks. While these procedures can help you have more confidence in your body, some women see us for breast reduction surgery. The case for breast reduction surgery usually comes down to quality of life. This could mean ending the back… Read More »

Preparing for Summer: Why to Consider Getting a Breast Reduction

When thinking about getting your body in the best shape possible for the upcoming summer months, it might sound counterintuitive to consider getting a breast reduction while everybody else around you want to get a breast enhancement. However, if you have larger than life breasts that are causing you pain and discomfort, then you might… Read More »

Asymmetrical Breasts: Are They Normal?

One common concern among women is the asymmetry of their breasts. It can be bothersome to look in the mirror and realize that your other breast has a different position, form, or volume. Although it may be normal, visible breast asymmetry isn’t. You may not have to worry about slight breast size differences. However, when… Read More »

Your Options on Gynecomastia Treatment Salt Lake City

Biologically speaking, men are not supposed to grow big breasts on their chest. Or at least their breasts should not be bigger than the women’s. But as it is, physical anomalies on men’s breasts may occur. Male breast development may become uncontrollable to produce very large breasts on men. While genetics is the normal cause… Read More »

Scarless Breast Reduction

The traditional breast reduction procedure has been making its rounds in the plastic surgery industry for decades. The procedure has been perfected to help women  relieve pain in the back, neck and breast regions due to excessive breast weight.  Traditional breast reduction is an excellent operation but requires more scarring.  To help women minimze scar… Read More »

3 Most Common Woes of Men and How to Treat Them

Vanity has always been associated with women. However, more and more men are now very keen about how they look and their overall appearance. Dr. York Yates of Salt Lake, Utah caters to both men and women seeking plastic surgery procedures, may it be a Salt Lake tummy tuck or a dose of Botox to… Read More »

Salt Lake City Breast Reduction

Thousand of women every year in the U.S. alone opt to go bigger by enhancing their breasts through Breast Augmentation. For women who are born with heavy, large, overdeveloped breasts the concept of going smaller may seem to outsiders a strange choice considering the amount of women opting to go bigger these days. What many… Read More »

Breast reduction insuance question

Patient question I am xx years old and in pretty good health: exercise regularly, etc. I am 5’8? tall and weight 162 pounds. I have lived my whole life with too-large breasts and I am tired of the neck and shoulder and back pain and the headaches. I have researched a good deal and you… Read More »

Common sense would be a good first step towards health care reform

I was watching president Obama talking about the health care “crisis” today and couldn’t help but think of the patient I saw today about breast reduction. She is hoping that her insurance, PEHP, would pay for it.  She is a deserving patient with significant problems with back and shoulder pain associated with the weight of… Read More »

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