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It Takes More than Weight Loss to Recover Your Body

It can feel almost unfair: you do all the hard work to lose a massive amount of weight, or you undergo the risk and recovery of having bariatric surgery, yet your body betrays you by not just bouncing back into the shape you sought. People who lose weight quickly often experience secondary complications because their… Read More »

Tummy Tuck Salt Lake City. UT

How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

Whether you have always wanted a tummy tuck or if you just finished having kids and want to do a tummy tuck in conjunction with a mommy makeover, you can expect to see life-changing results. Before you come into our office for surgery, Dr. York Yates has a few things for you to do to… Read More »

Mini Tummy Tuck Salt Lake City & Layton, UT

3 Benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck

You may not want to have a mini house or a mini bank account, but there is something mini you may want to consider: a mini tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck is a tummy tuck that focuses on the lower abdomen rather than the entire thing. During a mini tummy tuck, a small incision… Read More »

3 Benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck

When you hear the term “mini”, you likely think of cute things that don’t give you that big of a benefit. And although things like mini Oreos and cupcakes may be adorable and lower in calories, they just aren’t the real thing. When it comes to surgical procedures that contain the word “mini,” you may… Read More »

Drain-Free Tummy Tuck

There are few things worse— a cockroach in your dinner included—  than having to deal with a drain after getting a tummy tuck. For two weeks following your tummy tuck, however, you will have to have a drain placed in between the muscle and the skin to prevent fluid from building up. Not only can… Read More »

3 Tummy Tuck Follow Up Tips

Getting a tummy tuck is an exciting and seemingly life changing surgery— not only are you helping to get your tighter stomach back but if you are opting to get liposuction with the procedure as well, then you can expect to look at a slimmer looking you. However, once you have properly healed from surgery… Read More »

Considering a Tummy Tuck? What You Need to Know About Recovery

Whenever we hear about a way to make our bodies or our faces look better, we immediately jump on the wagon of “YES! Get me that procedure right now,” without really thinking about what we are getting ourselves into. As an invasive yet routine procedure, tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) is a surgery that is known to… Read More »

Tummy Tuck – Does It Work?

Tummy Tuck – Does It Work? Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies usually suffer from a problem known as diastalsis, where the abdominal muscles separate. The abdominal muscles of women overstretch and are not able to return back to their original shape.  In addition, the skin over these muscles also stretches. Because it has… Read More »

Is Tummy Tuck Right For You?

Is Tummy Tuck Right For You? An abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Still, it’s not something to walk into casually. Being a major operation, it is vital that you know if you are a good candidate for the procedure, so you can reap the… Read More »

Mini or Full Tummy Tuck?

Mini or Full Tummy Tuck? It’s a really common question.  “Do I need a full tummy tuck, or can I get by with a mini?” Unfortunately, there is no right answer.  There are so many variables that go into deciding the right procedure for each patient, that it’s impossible to outline them all here.  If… Read More »

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