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What is butt augmentation?

Butt augmentation is a surgical procedure involving shaping of the buttocks. It is more common in certain cultures but is gaining popularity in the U.S.

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How is a fat transfer to buttocks performed?

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Butt augmentation with fat grafting is much more than adding volume to the gluteal region. In fact, reduction and reshaping of the surrounding tissue with liposuction is often the most important aspect of buttock augmentation. Excess fat in undesired areas around the buttocks is harvested with liposuction. The fat must be treated delicately and concentrated in a sterile environment. This fat is transferred into the buttocks in a 3-dimensional method to achieve the desired shape.

What is the cost of a Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation?

The average cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is $4,077 according to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The total cost of butt augmentation varies widely based on the size and number of fat donor areas treated with liposuction. The referenced fees above do not include anesthesia or operating room facility expenses and the patient can expect a total cost closer to the $6,000 – $9,000 range.

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Butt Augmentation FAQs

What techniques maximize fat survival?

There is a lot of debate on the best method to harvest and transfer fat. There are both simple and very complicated methods that have been shown to work quite well. The key concepts are that the fat needs to be harvested gently with low volume suction and without injury to the delicate individual fat cells. The fat should be purified from the surrounding fluid by either gravity separation, centrifugation, washing, or a combination. The fat cells should have minimal exposure to the environment and graft immediately for maximal survival. The optimal injection technique requires small linear threads of fat into the different layers of the tissue including fat and muscle. Too much fat grafted into a small area can lead to problems with irregularities, bumps, and cysts.

Are the results of BBL (Brazilian butt lift) permanent?

Yes, the fat that survives the transfer during a Brazilian butt lift permanently belongs to the buttocks. This is not ALL of the fat that is transferred. The amount of fat that survives is in the range of 50-80%. This percentage varies based on the amount of fat transferred, the nature of the area grafted into and the technique used.

Why is it called a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Bodies vary from culture to culture. On the whole, Brazilian women are often more blessed in the buttock region. There is also an exercise routine by the same name.

It seems that BBL is gaining popularity, why?

Aesthetic and cosmetic trends change from generation to generation.  Sir Mix-a-lot was a little ahead of his time in 1992 with his single, “Baby Got Back”.  At that time a flat, athletic butt was more desirable by most.  Fast forward 20+ years and we are now finding many women of various cultures want more curves and a fuller, rounder butt. Since 2012 we have seen the number of Brazilian butt lift procedures performed in the U.S. has increased in popularity by 10 – 20% per year.

What are the other options for butt augmentation?

Fat grafting has become the most widely used method of butt augmentation but other options do exist. Butt implants are similar to breast implants but have a much broader and flatter shape. They are typically placed through an incision within the gluteal crease and can be placed above, below, or within the muscle. They have a fairly high complication rate and Dr. Yates chooses not to do this procedure due to the complications.

What are options for butt lifting?

There is some degree of butt lifting with either fat grafting or butt implants for butt augmentation.  For patients with more significant skin excess in the gluteal region, a buttock lift or thigh lift is more valuable.

Is it possible to simulate the results?

Yes, this is possible with our amazing Vectra 3D imaging.

What is the recovery like after butt augmentation?

Butt augmentation and Brazilian butt lift recovery is a fairly tough recovery as there should be very little pressure on the area for at least a week and preferably 4 weeks after the procedure.  This includes sitting and lying on the back.

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Before & After

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

Before and nearly a year after Brazilian butt lift (BBL). She had 3000 cc of fat removed from the abdomen and upper hips and 750 cc was grafted into each buttock.   View More.

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