3 Benefits of Tear Drop Breast Implants

If you are considering getting breast implants for either cosmetic or reconstructive purpose you have a variety of options to choose from including silicone, saline, gummy bear, and teardrop shaped implants. As a newer type of implant, not many people are as familiar with teardrop breast implants. From looking more natural to staying in place, this article will discuss three primary benefits of teardrop implants. Read on to learn more.

  1. They Look Natural

One of the biggest benefits to getting tear drop shaped breast implants is the fact that they look more natural than traditional, round shaped implants. Naturally, breasts aren’t symmetrical in circumference— in fact, they are naturally more teardrop shaped than anything. Luckily, with teardrop implants, you can get that more natural look, so you won’t have to worry about looking like you just got your breasts done.

  1. They Are Good for Reconstructive Surgery

Although teardrop implants are good for candidates who want implants for cosmetic purposes, a lot of our patients like to use them for reconstructive purposes. If you have just had a mastectomy or if you are considering having one, tear drop implants will restore your breasts in a more natural looking way.

  1. They Stay In Place

As your breast implants heal after surgery, they can start to move around. And when you have round implants, it doesn’t matter if they move around because they are the same shape on every side. However, if your tear drop implants move around, they won’t look anatomically correct. Luckily, tear drop implants have a rough texture on the outside which causes them to grip to the breast tissues as they are healing— meaning that they are unlikely move during the healing process.

There are unique benefits to any type of breast implant. During your initial consultation with Dr. York Yates, you will be able to discuss all of your options to help you determine what kind of breast implant is best for you. If you would like to learn more about teardrop shaped implants or any of our other implants, contact Dr. York Yates today to schedule an appointment.

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