Add to Your Weight Loss Journey: Get Rid of Excess Skin

weight loss You have recently lost a significant amount of weight, congratulations! Any sort of weight loss journey is a hard one and getting to that finish line is an accomplishment that is immeasurable. And although it’s exhilarating to see the numbers on the scale read a number you never thought would be possible to see as an adult, drastic weight loss can also cause your skin lose elasticity and be saggy in places that you didn’t even realize beforehand. Luckily, Dr. York Yates offers patients a variety of surgeries that are designed to remove excess fat and lift it in areas where it needs to be tightened— leaving you with the ability to get into a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious. Read on to learn more about some of your surgical options.

As one of the areas of your body that you will notice the most drastic amount of excess skin after extreme weight loss, the skin on your stomach can look thin and droopy. With an abdominoplasty, however, the excess skin will be removed and the rest of your skin will be lifted and tightened in order to give you that taut and tight tummy you have always wanted. Additionally, if you still have a little bit of excess fat around your middle that you would like to get rid of, Dr. York Yates can administer liposuction at the same time as your abdominoplasty to give you remarkable results.

Thigh Lift
Another region of the body that often loses elasticity after weight loss is the upper legs. During a thigh lift, however, excess skin will be removed from the buttocks and thighs in order to give you smoother looking legs that you can show off in a swimsuit and shorts.

Breast Augmentation
For females who have recently lost a bunch of weight, your breasts were likely one of the first parts of your body to lose fat. And although smaller breasts aren’t necessarily a bad thing, they can often look saggy and deflated. In order to get your breasts to look fuller and perkier again, consider getting breast implants to help them look more poised and natural.

Losing weight is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of. However, as an unfortunate part of the weight loss process, your skin loses elasticity and collagen. Luckily, with the help of Dr. York Yates, you can help to get the perfect skin and body that you have always wanted. To learn more about these procedures and more, contact Dr. York Yates today!

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