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Prevent Capsular Contracture and Maintain Gorgeous Breasts

Before undergoing breast surgery, particularly breast augmentation with breast implants, it is important for the potential patient to have clear and realistic expectations about the procedure. By knowing the side effects and possible complications of the surgery, patients can lessen the risks of acquiring a capsular contracture. Why does capsular contracture occur? Capsular contracture happens… Read More »

Nipple Reduction Surgery in Salt Lake

The surgical procedure called nipple reduction is undertaken to reduce nipples that are too large or too wide, or both. Many women opt to undergo this procedure to enhance their overall breast appearance. Protruding and extra large nipples can affect a woman’s confidence towards her body, either when she’s nude or in clothing. That said,… Read More »

Consultation tips – Breast Augmentation Surgery

Picking a capable and skilled plastic surgeon is a must in order to achieve your desired breast size through a breast augmentation procedure. However, that is only about half of the whole story. As a patient, you need to have the right attitude and proper mindset as well to ensure the success of your surgical… Read More »

Saving Time and Money on Your Breast Asymmetry Correction

The general rule is that every woman has some form of asymmetry between her left and right breast. The difference may lie on the size, shape, or even nipple position. Indeed it is normal to have two breasts of the same woman to be not exactly alike. The difference is normally subtle, if not insignificant.… Read More »

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