Large breast implants can lead to problems

For patients considering breast augmentation, one of the most common tips they will hear from previous patients is “make sure you don’t go too small”. This is true… if women are unhappy about their chosen size of implant it is most frequent that they wish their breasts were larger.

Let me offer the counter piece of advice, “larger is not always better”. The ideal implant size chosen should match the patients body type and frame. Not only will it look better, it will feel better and the long term results will be more durable.

There are more risks, short and long term, with large breast implants including:

Loss of overlying breast tissue volume. This can lead to more implant visibility, loss of size, and rippling in the long term.
Changes in underlying rib cage shape. This can lead to loss of apparent breast size as the implants hide in the chest a little. It can make secondary surgery more difficult.
Skin stretch and premature droop. This depends a lot on the type of skin and elasticity that a patient has.
Larger breast implants can cause the breasts to have an unusual “augmented” appearance. The breasts can appear more rounded and globular shaped.
There is a higher risk of implant malposition and displacement with larger breast implants.
This is not to say that every woman should choose small breast implants. It is to say that when choosing the breast implant size factors other than how large you would like to be must be considered.

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