Few Important Notes on Mommy Makeover Procedure

In a recent Hollywood movie about modern relationships, a female character blurted out a poetic line, “Women explore for eternity in the vast garden of sacrifice”. Indeed. And this kind of sacrifice is pronounced more when a woman experiences the whole processes of pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding.

To any woman, they are fulfilling and miracle experiences themselves, but they are a form of sacrifice nevertheless. The said sacrifice or sacrifices can be seen readily from the effects to the woman’s body form: flabby buttock skin, stretch marks, sagging breasts, and protruding abdomen.

The good thing is that any woman, if warranted, can choose a wholesale surgical procedure known as mommy makeover. Actually, it is not a single operation that is targeted for a single cosmetic goal.

Rather, mommy makeover procedure is a combination of two or more plastic surgery procedures aimed at improving the whole body contour of a woman after undergoing significant physical changes, especially after pregnancy or after undergoing massive weight loss. In other words, the collective surgery is aimed to fix specific aesthetic issues of  a woman to be undertaken in one go.

Here are few important notes (and some misconceptions) that you should know about mommy makeover:

  • Not all surgeons can perform it. To ensure safety and successful outcome, go for a board-certified plastic surgeon with substantial experience in mommy makeover operations, such as Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. York Yates, who is based in Salt Lake City. As a general guide for better credentials: prefer a plastic surgeon over a cosmetic surgeon, and prefer a surgeon with board certification over somebody with none. Do not trust your body to just anybody.
  • As hinted at earlier, there is no single formula on the procedures that make up mommy makeover, as the component procedures depend upon the individual needs of a patient. So if she is experiencing breast sagging and bulging tummy, then the patient will likely to undergo a breast lift surgery and an abdominoplasty surgery. At any rate, these procedures normally constitute a mommy makeover surgery: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift , Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction.
  • The duration of the whole makeover depends on the number and specific component procedures. It may be several hours in one day or a few sessions in the span of weeks. This is the same case with the recovery period for mommy makeover.
  • The surgical plan of each particular mommy makeover will be determine by the surgeon upon thorough evaluation of your medical condition and aesthetic aspirations.

Dr. Yates is one of the finest mommy makeover surgeons in the world. He ensures that the patient is well discussed about the pros and cons of the procedure, as well as the potential risk and recovery steps necessary.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Yates, please call us now at our Utah Office at (801) 525-8741. Or, contact us online via this page.

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