Nipple Reduction Surgery in Salt Lake

The surgical procedure called nipple reduction is undertaken to reduce nipples that are too large or too wide, or both. Many women opt to undergo this procedure to enhance their overall breast appearance. Protruding and extra large nipples can affect a woman’s confidence towards her body, either when she’s nude or in clothing.

That said, it is still very common to hear misconceptions as to what constitutes nipples and areolae. For one thing, they are obviously two different breast portions. Areola is the dark pigmented skin surrounding the nipple, while nipple itself is the projected part usually found in the middle region of the areola: as a whole they are usually termed as nipple-areolar complex.  It is important to differentiate them, among other things, because there is a reduction surgery for areola and a separate type of procedure to reduce solely the nipple size.

It is ideal to undergo a reduction procedure when the nipples significantly protrude or large enough that they are no longer in proportion with the breast and body. This is basically a personal determination – and tricky at that – that should be made by the patient. In many other cases, reduction of nipples is incorporated in areolar reduction surgery, especially for those patients with very large breasts. Generally, the ideal areola size is around 35 mm for smaller breasts and 40-45 mm for larger breasts.  Moreover, nipple or areolar reduction is incorporated during a breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

Hence, if you have concerns with your nipple size specifically or have some general issue with the form and shape of your breasts, it is much better if you have it examined by a capable surgeon.

Upon consultation, Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yates will conduct tests and evaluations to find out the proper breast procedure for you. For one thing, the highly experienced surgeon will help you decide if nipple reduction surgery is sufficient or a general breast procedure is needed to fix your breast concern. Depending on your specific concern and desire, a consolidated breast procedure may prove to be more beneficial and economical while at times a stand-alone nipple reduction procedure is all you really need and thus would save you recovery time and surgical risks.

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