When to Consider Areola Reduction

Cosmetic surgeries of the breast are not all about lifting or augmenting them. Other women worry about having to trim down their areolas as well. The areola is the darker skin surrounding the nipples of the breasts. This procedure is often preferred by women who feel that the size of their areolas are not proportionate to the size of their breasts. It is important to know that this procedure does not reduce the size of the breasts, but only the size of the areola and, in most cases, the nipple as well.

It is important to know when one should start thinking about getting an areola reduction. Some people may think, “Why do women bother about such a small part of their breasts?” The truth is, having larger than normal areolas and nipples can be a cause of embarrassment and lack of self-esteem for a woman.

With areola reduction surgery, these women will never have to worry about the appearance of their areolas and nipples. This is just a quick and simple procedure that can reduce the size of the areola. Although areola reduction surgery is a simple procedure and comes with very minimal risks, it is still important for potential patients to know that once the size of the nipples and the areolas have already been reduced, they could no longer be reversed to their original state. Because of this, a consultation with a reliable surgeon is essential in order to discuss every detail about the procedure.

The Results of Areola Reduction Surgery

Although it has been said that areola reduction surgery can produce permanent results, there is still no way of knowing how the body will change over time and possibly affect the appearance of the treated areas.

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