The Truth Behind Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction surgery is the surgical process of removing portions of the nipple that are large in size and may even look a bit deformed. Available for both men and women, nipple reduction surgery leaves you with minimal scarring and the ability to feel confident when shirtless. During nipple reduction surgery, the nipple is reduced in length or diameter or both by removing excess tissue and reshaping the remaining tissue to the desired shape. Typically accomplished with a local anesthetic, patients won’t have to worry about undergoing an extensive form of surgery that will leave them out of commission for days.

Medical Reasons

nipple reduction surgery According to the NCBI, nipple hypertrophy is a medical condition common among those of Asian decent and rarely common among Caucasians. This sort of disorder is one of the leading medical components that contributes to patients seeking nipple reduction surgery on a more medical basis. And due to the increase immigration of Asians to America, plastic surgeries in North America have seen an influx of patients seeking nipple reduction surgery.

Aesthetic Reasons
The other leading component to individuals wanting to get nipple reduction surgery is due to aesthetic appeal. Individuals who simply aren’t confident topless because they are concerned about their nipple size may seek nipple reduction surgery in order to feel more confident once again. Whether your nipples are simply too large in circumference, width, or height, there is a surgical option available for you.

Can it be done with a breast augmentation surgery?
The great thing about breast augmentation surgery is that you can combine it with surgery like nipple reduction surgery without having to go under the knife twice. During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, make sure that you communicate to them that you would like to have both procedures done at once— that way you can ensure that you get the exact results that you want.

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