How to Recovery Quickly from Buttock Augmentation

A lot of patients undergo buttock augmentation to achieve the well-contoured buttocks that they desire. This surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure, especially in the US, because of the promising results that it provides. More women consider this treatment since having a more “lifted” behind can mean a lot to their femininity.

Whatever your reason for considering this procedure is, it is important that you know what to expect after you have undergone buttock augmentation. How fast will you recover? That is a question whose answer will depend on how well you take care of yourself after surgery.

Immediately After Buttock Augmentation

A cannula may be inserted into the incisions made during surgery in order to drain fluids from the treated area, and this cannula may remain for several days after the procedure. Dr. Yates may also require you to wear special compression garments around your buttock area. You may have to wear this for several weeks following surgery to keep the contour of your newly-formed buttocks.

After surgery, the anesthesia could wear off in a few hours, so you may experience some pain. Some swelling may also happen after the treatment and will likely remain for several weeks to months.

First Two Weeks After Buttock Augmentation

You will start to experience more pain in the buttock area since most of your daily activities require the use of this part of the body. You can minimize the discomfort by doing the following:

  • Stay in bed the day after surgery but practice moving your hands and feet regularly to maintain good circulation.
  • When transported to your home, you may be asked to lie on your stomach in the car’s back seat to prevent pressure on the buttocks. You may also do this while sleeping or watching television.
  • To alleviate pain and swelling on the buttocks, take pain medications as prescribed by your doctor.

You will be able to see more obvious results once the swelling subsides, which usually takes about three to six months. If you want to learn more about the procedure and how to make recovery as quick and comfortable as possible, call us today at (801) 525-8741 to book an appointment with Dr. Yates!

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