What to Know About Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction Surgery Salt Lake City & Layton, UT Having large breasts is something that a lot of our patients at Dr. York Yates’ office come in to be seen for. And although large breasts are something that a lot of women want, large nipples are another story entirely. If you feel self-conscious about your areolas which are the pigmented glandular skin around your nipples because you feel like they are simply too big, then you may be wondering if you should just live with them or what? Here at Dr. York Yates’ office, he believes in the philosophy of feeling good about your body image at all times. With an areola reduction surgery at our office, we can help give you the nipple appearance that you’ve always wanted.

How Is An Areola Reduction Done?

During this surgical procedure, Dr. York Yates will remove the excess areolar skin by first making a circular incision around the nipple. The excess skin is then removed in a donut pattern and then the outer and inner circles are closed.

What Are the Goals of An Areola Reduction Surgery?

When it comes to getting any type of surgery done at our office, it’s Dr.York Yates’ number one priority to ensure that all patients are happy with their results. The goal of an areola reduction surgery is to remove extra areola skin to help reduce the size of the areola. One thing that patients do have to consider with this type of surgery, however, is scarring.   A typical scar after areola reduction surgery is entirely around the nipple.

Are you interested in learning more about areola reduction surgery? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yates at our Layton office today and call us at 801.525.8741.

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