Recently Loss Weight? Don’t Worry, There’s a Surgery For That

If you’ve recently taken a weight loss journey but now you look in the mirror and see a bunch of excess skin in places you didn’t even know existed, don’t worry, there’s a surgery for that. Whether you have excess skin around your stomach, thighs, or arms— or hey, even all those areas, with the proper surgeries, you can get your skin tightened and lifted in order to get the results you worked so hard for.

weight loss surgery Your Stomach
Tummy tucks aren’t just for suburban housewives. If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight but still don’t feel confident getting into a bikini because of the excess skin around your middle, a tummy tuck might be the right solution for you. During this complex surgery, the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin, tightening your abdominal area and giving you a more natural and toned look. During the procedure you will be under anesthesia and so you won’t fill a things. However, recovery time for this procedure typically lasts around six weeks and you will be required to wear some medial compression garments around your middle section in order to hold the muscles in place.

Your Legs
After extreme weight loss, the excess skin can sag and give your skin a more dimpled effect that resembles something like cellulite. However, with a thigh lift, the doctor will make an incision just above the buttocks and from hip to hip in order to lift both the inner thighs and the exterior regions of your body (posterior lift). After the surgery you will also be required to wear some compression garments in order to hug and lift the surgical area as you heal.

Your Arms
Nothing is worse than waving to a neighbor only to have your skin wave with you. If you recently toned up your arms but have a lot of excess skin, consider getting a brachioplasty. This surgery involves making an incision on the inner arms and a few above the elbow. During the procedure, and similar to the above procedures, the doctor will lift and tighten the area, removing excess fat and skin in order to give you a more taut look.

Losing weight is a longer journey than climbing Mount Everest, and the results are sometimes disappointing. If you have a lot of excess skin due to extreme weight loss, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

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