What Happens During a Scarless Breast Reduction

The traditional breast reduction procedure has been making its rounds in the plastic surgery industry for decades. The procedure has been perfected to help women  relieve pain in the back, neck and breast regions due to excessive breast weight. Traditional breast reduction often takes 2-4 hours and many plastic surgeons perform this procedure under general anesthesia.  The scars are well tolerated but certainly not a desireable trade-off after breast reduction surgery.  To help women minimize scarring and recover quickly from such procedure, the scarless breast reduction technique has been developed. Dr. York Yates performs a Salt Lake City scarless breast reduction procedure in his Utah office.

The Hows of Scarless Breast Reduction
Ideal candidates for a scarless breast reduction procedure are women who have excellent breast shape and support but not too dense breasts at the same time. Liposuction cannulas will be inserted beneath the breast folds to remove substantial fat and some glandular tissue from the breasts. As the female breasts is composed of 50 percent fat, about a thirds of the current breast size will be removed with scarless breast reduction. A significant amount of lift will also be experienced with the breasts, but it also highly depends on your current skin elalsticity, too.

You can resume to most normal activities right after the procedure. For more information about scarless breast reduction in Utah, get in touch with Dr. Yates by filling out this contact form.

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