Disclaimer (No Hype Plastic Surgery)

First of all, let me say that I first set up this blog site a couple of years ago and it was purely an experiment in marketing. I actually forgot that I ever had it but recently decided to re-evaluate this whole “blog” thing. With the economy being as bad as it is I have seen about a 20% decline in the number of patients and surgeries in the past three months and decided possibly I could use some of this time exploring social media etc…. My wife’s recent addiction to “facebook” has only reinforced what I am rapidly learning…that people spend a lot of time sharing and gathering information online.

My first thoughts were that 1) I am not an interesting enough writer to write anything that anyone else would care to read and 2) How much new information is there to write about plastic surgery, anyway? Although #1 may be painfully true, there actually is a great deal of misconception about plastic surgery that possibly I can help clear up for a few folks. Also, there are so many new procedures, old procedures that are re-named to look like new procedures and new technology trademarked under a variety of names that it is difficult for even me as a plastic surgeon to know what really works. With all of this bombardment, how can a consumer know what will work for them?

A little about me. I am a plastic surgeon in Layton, Utah. I generally don’t buy into hype. That’s not to say that I am behind the curve in technology (actually far from), but I choose not to be on the leading edge of it either. The history of plastic surgery is littered with procedures that were at one time supposed to change the way we do things that no one does anymore. Sometimes these procedures were ineffective, sometimes dangerous. Either way I am not interested in repeating the mistakes of the past, while experimenting on my own patients. I will try to give my honest opinions regarding new procedures based not on hype but on published research and feel that I can objectively do so without any conflicts of interest. If I own a piece of technology or use or prefer a particular product I will try to disclose that information.

I have made every attempt to verify the accuracy of the content provided within these posts. Some of the posts are opinion only and I cannot guarantee complete accuracy of all of the information as a result.

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