The 411 on Mini Tummy Tucks

You’ve likely heard of an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, but have you heard of a mini tummy tuck before? By addressing the lower portion of your abdomen, your “pooch”, a mini tummy tuck is a fairly invasive surgical treatment that can help you get your tummy looking back to how it did in your early twenties. Read on to learn more about mini tummy tucks.

mini tummy tuck Why a Mini Tummy Tuck?
If you are a good candidate for a pinitummy tuck the scar can be shorter than the traditional tummy tuck counterpart.  Also, mini tummy tucks typically don’t require as much recovery time from patients, which is another added benefit of this type of surgery. If you pull on the bottom portion of your stomach and notice that you receive all of the tightening you desire, then you are likely an ideal candidate for this type of procedure. However, if the portion of your abdomen that needs to be targeted is in the middle or upper region of your body, then you probably need to take the traditional route.

What is the Procedure Like?
Just like with a traditional tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck involves the patient going under anesthesia. During the procedure an incision will be made on the lower end of the abdomen in order to lift and tighten any excess skin in this area. The lower muscles can be brought together as well.

Does it Hurt?
Because you will be under anesthesia during the actual procedure, you shouldn’t experience any pain. However, once placed in recovery you will likely start to feel pain around the incision sight and in the abdominal area. This pain is very normal and will likely subside within a week or two. However, in order to increase your comfort level, your doctor will likely put you on some pain killers.

To learn more about the mini tummy tuck procedure or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yates, contact our office today!

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