Natural breast augmentation

There is a new billboard on I-15 advertising natural breast augmentation in Utah.  It sounds so easy, safe and natural.  What patient considering breast augmentation wouldn’t want naturally larger breasts with minimal pain and recovery?

“Natural breast augmentation” is a procedure where fat is harvested from the patient and transferred into the breast.  I have been asked for years “why can’t you just put the fat in my butt into my breasts?”.  The procedure undoubtedly works.  It is not yet undoubtedly safe and reliable.  I have previously written about thecontroversy and risks of natural breast augmentation.

There are not many board certified plastic surgeons who offer this procedure.  Many, like myself, routinely use fat grafting for other indications but have concerns with putting the large volume required for augmentation into the breast.  Most plastic surgeons who offer natural breast augmentations admit that it hasn’t been perfected and the long and short term risks are poorly understood.  It is investigational at this point.

Whenever there is a new billboard, TV or radio advertisement about a “new” procedure many patients ask my opinion.  The billboard I am referring to is an advertisement for a medical spa in Layton.  I clearly have biases regarding who should be performing these types of procedures.  Here are some facts that patients considering going to this medical spa for natural breast augmentation need to know to help them make an informed decision.  I will include only facts without editorial.

  • The physician at this medical spa is a D.O in aerospace medicine
  • Certified by the American Board of Preventative Medicine
  • He has no formal plastic surgery training
  • Not board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a big deal.  Plastic surgeons have extensive training for a reason.

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