Tightening Skin after Liposuction

liposuction Liposuction is performed when a patient wants to minimize the appearance of fatty tissue on a certain part of the body. The procedure can eliminate gynecomastia, or man boobs. It can slim down the midsection and flanks, and empty troublesome saddle bags. The process of removal is effective at achieving the intended goal. However, many patients who remove larger amounts of fat with this surgery notice that they have a new problem: sagging skin.

Tone and Tighten the Easy Way

Numerous tips have been developed for people wanting to tighten up loose skin after liposuction. These range from drinking plenty of water to limiting alcohol consumption to engaging in strength training. Naturally, a bit of skin contraction will occur, but this is often insufficient to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a smooth, flat surface. Rather than go back into the operating room for skin removal, our patients may consider the benefits of ThermiTight treatments.

We are excited about the results that have been achieved with ThermiTight, one of the latest RF devices to be developed. Radio frequency treatments have become increasingly popular, which has prompted the development of various devices. Each device sends radio frequency energy into subcutaneous tissues and cells using a similar method of delivery; energy must pass through the skin and uppermost layers of tissue in order to reach the target depth. This can present a problem due to the heat required, and the effect that heat can have on surface tissue. With ThermiTight, this problem is completely bypassed.

ThermiTight has been developed to get right to the heart of the matter. Different than other RF treatments, this procedure is minimally invasive rather than completely non-invasive because local anesthetic is administered, and heating occurs beneath the skin, not through it. This delivery method achieves more noticeable results more quickly and with fewer treatments, making it ideal for post-liposuction skin tightening.

Get the results you really want. Call our office to learn more about ThermiTight.

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