LipoLaser in Utah

As long as there have been Twinkies, a simple solution for removing unwanted fat has been marketable. The Lapex LipoLaser is one of the newest devices to help accomplish that goal. The concept is simple, pads are placed on the fat and it magically melts away without pain. Afterwards the fat is “jiggled” to help get rid of it. The cost is around $200 – $300 per session and requires 10-12 treatments. Somewhere around $2,000 to $4,000 total.

For this plastic surgeon, a healthy dose of skepticism is necessary. This isn’t the first similar device and won’t be the last. There are questions about effectiveness and safety that are yet to be answered. Reports of “inches lost” are very easy to manipulate by changing how the measurement was done. I would put this one in the category of Zerona and Coolsculpting….. Interesting, but too early to know.

Regarding the “fat jiggling” after the procedure. I vaguely remember a similar concept years ago. My grandmother bought one of these and even at 10 years of age I knew it was a ridiculous concept.


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