Unwanted fat can be useful

One of Dr. York Yate’s body-contouring surgical options includes fat grafting. This Salt Lake City body contouring procedure aims to provide volume to other parts of the body such as your breasts (somewhat controversial), buttocks, and face. Below are 5 fast facts about fat grafting:

1. Fat grafting involves harvesting fat from a portion of your body where the fat is not wanted. After a thorough process of cleaning, it is carefully reinjected into another area of the body which require additional fullness. The procedure may be done more than once to achieve the desired effect.

2. The purification process involves placing the fats in a centrifuge and spinning them for a certain period of time to purify the fat.

3. Fat grafts for the face generally last longer when compared to popular dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. While fillers can be less expensive than fat grafts, fat injections promise permanent results.

4. Fat is preferred over fillers as they are more natural and less likely to cause any adverse reaction.

5. Dr. Yates make use of fat grafting to fill in depressions resulting from liposuction and  add volume particularly in the buttock.

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