Asymmetrical Breasts: Are They Normal?

One common concern among women is the asymmetry of their breasts. It can be bothersome to look in the mirror and realize that your other breast has a different position, form, or volume.

Although it may be normal, visible breast asymmetry isn’t. You may not have to worry about slight breast size differences. However, when the difference becomes greater than one cup size, there is good reason for you to wonder.

Know your own breasts

It is important to learn more about breast anatomy to understand the whole concept. The breasts consist of glands that are distributed in the front part of the chest wall. The average breast size is about seven to 10 ounces and commonly consists of 12 to 20 lobes spreading out of the nipple. Perhaps you have felt your breasts getting fuller and bigger when you are ovulating. This is because of the additional blood flow and water retention occurring in your body.

What can possibly cause asymmetry?

Although the exact cause of breast asymmetry is unknown, it may be caused by changes in your hormones or any injuries. In other cases, asymmetrical breasts may be caused by an underlying medical condition. For one, a condition called hypertrophy of the breast, which can either be virginal or juvenile, is characterized by one of your breasts growing noticeably larger than the other. This condition, although it may seem non-life-threatening, can lead to other physical and psychological concerns.

Breast asymmetry may also be caused by spinal problems such as scoliosis, which is the unusual curvature of the spine, and other chest wall deformities.

Addressing the problem

When you notice significant changes in your breasts, it is important to seek a physician immediately. Any changes will be evaluated by the doctor to determine which treatment is best for you. You may have to undergo breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery, depending on your case.

Dr. Yates specializes in breast asymmetry treatment in Salt Lake City. Call (801) 525-8741 today to book an appointment with Dr. Yates and find out how you can have symmetrical and gorgeous breasts.

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