Fat Transfer Surgery: Future Options for Breast & Buttock Enlargement

The fat grafting technique is already quite popular for facial surgery procedures, such as facial rejuvenation and neck lift. The facial areas that appear sunken and hollow can be remedied using the technique. By using your own fat, the face volume is enhanced to improve the overall facial look. Now imagine fat grafting or fat transfer technique being utilized to enlarge breast and buttock areas.

Rightly so, Utah Plastic Surgeon Dr. York Yates utilizes fat transfer surgery to inject a large volume of fat to augment and enhance the fat and subcutaneous tissue of the buttocks. However, fat grafting to the breasts is still in the experimental stage, as issues and risks associated with the specific technique are still being determined. There are still more questions than answers with regard to breast fat grafting, but Dr. Yates is always on the lookout for these kinds of innovation to plastic surgery.

Through advanced liposuction methods, fat from almost anywhere in your body can readily be harvested. For grafting purposes, fat is arguably the most ideal substance as it is natural, abundant, and generally require minimal risk to harvest. Although most patients wouldn’t mind parting with fat from anywhere in their body, there is ongoing research now to finding out the most effective fat to transfer. As it is, Dr. Yates generally takes major consideration of your desired location to undertake liposuction fat grafting technique.

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