Advantages of Dr. Yates’ Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breasts are generally favorable to women. But too large breasts (or excessively large a pair to a particular woman’s body frame) may not be similarly aspired for. This is so as large breasts may lead to symptoms of neck pain, back pain, and shoulder grooves due to bra strap.

On the emotional level, the woman may have her confidence on a downturn due to having uneven, if not awkward, body shape and the difficulty to find clothing that normally fits her. Among other things, this is why there is a surgical procedure known as breast reduction aka reduction mammaplasty – which is targeted to address both cosmetic improvements and physical relief.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. York Yates performs various techniques of breast reduction procedure, including the scarless technique. He has for many years now performed impressive breast procedures, coupled with great skill and exceptional care. His scarless breast reduction is performed through liposuction procedure alone, and thus without any direct excision of tissue. In other words, via small and well-hidden incisions under the breast fold, small cannulas are placed for the liposuction process of the breast tissue.The majority of the tissue that is reduced is fatty tissue.

Scarless reduction is therefore just a typically breast reduction surgery without the accompanying scars. The underlying procedural goal is weight reduction of the breasts, which is achieved by removing breast tissue and excess skin as necessary. Other advantages of scarless reduction procedure include significantly decreased risks in: poor scarring, inability to breast feed, nipple numbness, and pain and recovery time. Medical insurance oftentimes cover breast reduction surgeries as well.

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