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Biologically speaking, men are not supposed to grow big breasts on their chest. Or at least their breasts should not be bigger than the women’s. But as it is, physical anomalies on men’s breasts may occur. Male breast development may become uncontrollable to produce very large breasts on men.

While genetics is the normal cause for this condition, enlargement of male breast may be due to other factors, such as hormonal imbalance triggered by certain medications or abusive use of steroids and marijuana. Either way, men can choose to undergo a breast surgery to reduce their breast size.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. York Yates offers different techniques to reduce male breast size. Generally, the male breast reduction surgery is called gynecomastia treatment, but there are several ways to achieve it. For the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, the primary consideration as to the gynecomastia technique to utilize is the breast condition of each individual patient.

Dr. Yates believes that an ideal breast reduction surgery is one hinged upon responding to the unique condition and cosmetic needs of a particular patient. Thus usually either liposuction or excision may be performed to reduce male breast size, or the combination of the two techniques. Liposuction is advisable for patients with fairly elastic or fatty breast skin, while excision is preferable for those with firm and dense breast tissue. In some cases, particularly those patients who have lost significant weight leaving excess breast skin in the process, a breast reshaping technique will augment liposuction or excision procedure. At any rate, patients are assured that Dr. Yates’ Gynecomastia Treatment Salt Lake City is one that will be very satisfying producing desirable and natural looking results. Moreover, the Utah Plastic Surgeon adheres to the utmost confidentiality of each patient’s surgery.

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