When to Get Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Women do not only seek cosmetic procedures that can enhance the size of their breasts or give their breasts a “lift”. Patients in Salt Lake City also consider going under the knife, again, to correct the effects of previous breast augmentation surgeries. This process is called breast implant revision surgery.

breast revision Although breast augmentation is considered a safe method for patients to have larger and fuller breasts, it is actually a complex procedure and can result to several complications due to various reasons. Breast implant revision surgery can provide a solution to this problem. This procedure may involve changing of the implant size, correcting capsular contracture, and improving the overall look and feel of the breasts.

Problems with Breast Augmentation

There are quite a number of complications that can arise from your breast augmentation surgery. Each of these problems fall into three broad categories, including:

  • Implant position or surgical placement problems
  • Problems arising from the patient’s tissue characteristics
  • Breast implant problems

It is important for your surgeon to identify and diagnose the problem beforehand in order to provide the appropriate treatment.

Implant Position Problems

Various complications can arise from the wrong surgical placement of breast implants, including:

  • Implant asymmetry
  • Bottoming out, in which the implants are far too lateral or too low in relation to the position of the nipple
  • Synmastia, or more commonly called a uniboob or “breadloafing”
  • Implants that do not drop
  • Implants that are too far apart from each other

Problems with Tissue Characteristics

In other cases, the problem with the breast implants could be because of the patient’s tissues, which include:

  • Snoopy deformity, or the prominence of the nipple-areolar area of the breast
  • Tuberous breasts, which are characterized by the narrowing of the base of the breasts as the nipple-areolar complex widens

Breast Implant Problems

The most common problem that could occur from a breast implant is capsular contracture, wherein the body creates a thick scarring around the implant, causing the implant to change shape and discomfort to the patient.

There are different problems that can be alleviated with breast implant revision surgery. Call us today at (801) 525-8741 to request an appointment with Dr. Yates and know if you are a candidate for this procedure.

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