True or False: Myths About Breast Implants

With breast implants being the most common form of plastic surgery available on the market, people can get talking and myths can suddenly turn into “common fact.” However, by properly understanding what is an actual fact and what is deemed as a myth, you can better understand if breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

breast implants Silicone Breast Implants Are Unsafe: False
In the early 1990’s and up until 2006, silicone breast implants were deemed as “unsafe” by the Food and Drug Administration. However, with changes to the actual implant itself and through advanced testing and technology, the FDA has claimed that new silicone breast implants are safe and can now be used on a regular basis.

They Might Leak: True
Although the prospect of your breast implants leaking into your body might be a bit frightening, this is very rare, but nonetheless a real possibliity. Depending on the type of implant you have–silicone or saline— will depend on how nervous you should be. For example, because saline implants are made up of saltwater, if they leak into your body, your body will naturally excrete it. However, if you have silicone implants and they leak, you should call your doctor immediately.

They Need to Be Redone Every Ten Years: True
Because breast implants sit either on top of or under your natural breast muscle, they are exposed to the normal wear and tear that breasts experience. And, if you do things like breastfeed, then your implants are exposed to even more wear. After about ten to twenty years, it is reccomended that you get your breast implants redone in order to prevent the possibility of any leaks or deflation. Consult your doctor on whether or not they think your breasts need to be done after the ten to twenty year mark.

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