Scar Treatment Utah: A Look Into Your Scarring Profile

Scars are a reminder that once you have committed a kitchen miscue, fallen into a booby trap, or just accidentally tripped on banana peel. Any of these things could potentially produce you scars. But really, a scar is part and parcel of the healing process. And once there, it does not really go away. But then again, there are cosmetic treatments to conceal unsightly scars or make them as subtle as possible.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates utilizes various techniques to treat and revise unsightly scars. He decides on the appropriate technique based on the medical condition and scarring profile of each patient. Dr. Yates will make use of advanced tools and proven effective techniques to improve your skin that has been tarnished by scarring.

A scarring profile is largely hinged upon an individual’s genetic disposition. It takes into account numerous factors that answer the overarching question why a certain scar currently appears as it is. Being part of the natural process after an injury, a scar is affected by such factors as the depth and size of wound and the location of injury. Moreover, your sex, age and ethnicity would also matter with regard to the appearance of your scar and your overall scarring profile. Dr. Yates will look closely into your scarring profile to gauge the most suitable and precise scar treatment Utah for you.

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