Are you Having These Thoughts Before Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery Procedures Utah Having years of experience in consulting and treating patients with cosmetic surgery, we have encountered a number of common thoughts that many of our patients have before their chosen procedure. When you realize you’re not alone in your thoughts, you can feel more confident as the time approaches to make changes to your appearance.

I am afraid of the outcome.

Of course you want to feel satisfied with the results of your plastic surgery procedure. While there is no way to predict exactly how you will look, the thoroughness of our consultation and planning does help us to come pretty darn close to the expected outcome. According to research, and in our own experience, most patients feel highly satisfied with their new appearance after cosmetic plastic surgery. Many of them even express improved confidence and feelings of happiness.

Is it possible that friends or family may think less of me for having plastic surgery?

The ultimate goal of cosmetic plastic surgery is not to please other people, but to feel more satisfied with your own appearance. Again, research suggests that patients who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery for their own unique goals feel more pleased with the results than those who approach the idea of improving physical features with others in mind. The only person who matters in this decision is you.

I am afraid to undergo surgery.

We understand that there is an inherent risk and any surgical procedure. However, we mitigate risks with extensive training and with specific safety protocols. Many of the cosmetic procedures that are performed today take place in accredited outpatient surgical centers that are staffed by highly trained personnel capable of handling unforeseen situations. Anesthesia methods have improved over the years, and patients are monitored throughout their surgery.

It Surgery Right for You?

Most people who are considering plastic surgery do a great deal of research before contacting a plastic surgeon. If you have a procedure in mind, we are happy to consult with you and our Utah office. During your visit, you can discuss your desired outcome, and explore how your perspective procedure can achieve it.

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